Is It Too Late to Start a YouTube Channel in 2021? | by Sheraz Faisal | May, 2021


How To Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners in 2021, why you should start, and how you can grow your Youtube channel when you have one.

Starting a youtube channel is not hard.

how to start Youtube channel in 2021

Why Start A Youtube Channel

When you think of big giants of the Internet, Youtube is a leading video-sharing platform for content creators. Youtube is the second most popular website on the internet as of January 2021, often referred to as the “second-largest search engine.”

“The videos themselves are only 50% of the work done, and the rest of the 50% is knowing how to reach your audience and market your content.”

How To Attract Your Audience And Reach More Users

his part of the job consists of 2 main factors.

  1. How well your content is presented
  2. How well you have done your SEO & Social Sharing
  1. Title
  2. Thumbnail
  3. Video’s first 15 seconds
  4. The use of pattern interrupts
  5. Script

How To Optimize & Advertise Your Videos

Search Engine Optimization is a way to improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your website or YouTube channel. With YouTube SEO, you will get traffic for free 24/7 in the long run.

Step No 1: Find Untapped Keywords

When it comes to video ranking, “Keyword Research” is the most important step, and most of the time done incorrectly.

  1. Create a list of seed keywords

Seed keywords are terms that describe broad topics; for example, if you are in a digital marketing niche, your seed keywords would look like this.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

See how it works? You can write down the list of keywords with a broad scope to create videos about.

Pick any term from your seed keywords and paste it into the Youtube search bar and Youtube will suggest search terms; this works just like Google.

You need to pick these suggestions and then analyze competition and search volume for these suggestions.

Fine, now we have our long-tail keywords, and it is time to choose which one we should use.

Well, the answer is simple we will choose keywords that

  1. Get lots of searches
  2. Aren’t super competitive

How will you know which keywords have the above qualities?

The answer is an awesome Chrome extension called TubeBuddy or VidIQ that you can install in your browser, and it will give you insight into the search volume of a keyword and competition right in the search results.

We have done the most important part by now congratulations!

In Fact, they officially recommend long descriptions, and you can find this recommendation in youtube creator academy.

  • Use at least 2 tags that include your target keyword and close variations
  • Use 2 tags that describe your video by using words, not in your main keyword.
  • Add 1 or 2 tags that represent your niche or high-level industry.

Playlists substantially increase your “Session Time”.

Actually, YouTube says this about session time:

“Your channel also gets a boost when people watch anything anywhere on YouTube after watching your content.

…and when you make content that makes people watch more from your channel, then you’re helping us out.” So use Playlists to improve your session time.

Step No 6: Promote Videos To Your Audience.

So to help content grow you can provide the first little push by:

  1. Sharing content in small clips on social media.
  2. Sending an email to a contact list about the amazing content you made.
  3. Trying to answer people looking for help on quora about videos.

You Can Also Take These Additional Steps To Make It 100%

  1. Turn viewers into subscribers

Ask your users to subscribe to your channel; also, add a subscribe card to your video end screen.

  1. Rank videos in Google search

Also, ranking your videos in google search results by targeting a keyword that already has a video section in google search tabs and images can help you gain more views.

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