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I’ve been a full-time YouTuber since 2018 and have tried a variety of methods to expand my channel to its current 1.5 million subscribers. Today, in this comprehensive TubeBuddy review, I’ll lay out everything I like and don’t like about TubeBuddy, as well as show you how to use TubeBuddy’s extensive YouTube resources to expand your YouTube channel!

TubeBuddy is marketed as “your best friend on the road to YouTube success.”It is a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) that provides YouTuber creators with additional features and details.

TubeBuddy is used by over 3 million YouTubers, it gives you access to advanced keyword analysis, marketing checklists, and productivity resources to ensure you get the most views on YouTube.

The TubeBuddy extension is free and provides the most basic software (which I love!). Subscription plans range from $9 to $49 a month. Bonus: If your channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers, TubeBuddy offers discounts of up to 50% off, making it really accessible if you’re just starting! Just $4.50 a month for the RisingStarBuddy package!

Their free extension has a lot of features that are useful when you’re just getting started with your channel, and their paid plans have even more features to help you expand faster.

TubeBuddy has been a big part of my channel’s success, and as of April 2021, they’re offering their chrome extension for free if you use the link below! The extension connects directly to your YouTube dashboard and adds a slew of new functionality to your account!

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TubeBuddy has over 65 features that can help you improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube. The following are some of my favorite TubeBuddy functions. I’ve been using them for over 2 years!


A lot of the YouTube SEO magic happens in the upload suite. The TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer is a part of this, and it’s a must-have TubeBuddy tool for growing your channel and gaining views. Only figuring out which keywords to improve my performance on helped me grow a lot!

TubeBuddy is worth it just for this feature! You’ll get a lot of traction and following!

Watch How To Get Started:

Simply type your video idea into the search box, and it will tell you which relevant keywords with high search volume you can use in your title! It also tells you what’s hot, so you can double down on whatever’s hot!

Let’s type “travel vlog” into the search box.

It provides you with a multitude of keyword suggestions as well as video ideas! It’s even better if the overall score is “bad.” It implies that it is highly competitive (with a large number of possible views!) All you have to do now is make awesome content and you’ll be accepted into the YouTube algorithm! Remember, if you read my guide on how to develop your YouTube channel, the aim is to get suggested views, not to rank your videos. TubeBuddy will assist you with both.

SUGGESTIONS FOR TAGS. This is an excellent complement to the keyword explorer. The suggested tags tool integrates with the video upload page and suggests tags based on your primary keywords.

VIDEOLYTICS IN ADVANCED STAGES. TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that allows you to look at the rankings and tags of other videos. You should look at other people’s videos and see their tags, then incorporate them into your own to gain attention from their views!

You could try to gain some of the suggested views that come up after viewers watch this video by using some of the tags in the video.

You can start from scratch and develop your channel by “drafting” millions of views from these common tags! It really works

A/B TESTING OF VIDEO. TubeBuddy’s legend plan (my new plan) is worth it just for this feature. The A/B testing function is the best way to get millions of views on your video. It helps you to compare the performance of different thumbnails and titles on the same video. All you have to do is give TubeBuddy two separate thumbnails and names, and it will update them for you on alternate days, allowing you to see which one received the most views.

TubeBuddy generates a report with the click-through rates for each one at the end. Then you can start using the one that performs better! This can add up to millions of views over time on your entire channel, and can make or break a video because the thumbnail and title are so relevant!

PROCESSING IN BULK. This feature will help you make money while saving you time. The bulk processing option can be used to:

Adjust the explanations, names, and thumbnails all at once.

Change cards in bulk

End screen updates in bulk

Let’s say you have a video library of more than 100 videos and want to update the overview to include a new product, a new website, or a sponsorship you’re working on that pays you to affiliate commissions. This could result in a significant amount of traffic through your entire video collection.

You can either go through each video one by one and change the description manually, or you can use TubeBuddy’s bulk update description tool. It’s super easy and time-saving, and it’s even helped me raise some money on the side!


(Use the link above to get a completely free extension)

MODERATION OF COMMENTS. When you get more and more feedback on your channel, this will become an indispensable time-saving tool. It assists you in sorting through comments, using canned responses to respond quickly, and highlighting comments from supporters or recent subscribers! It’s something I use a lot! This is an important method for interacting with your community!

POSTING ON FACEBOOK. Before TubeBuddy, I would simply post links to my YouTube videos on my Facebook page in an attempt to increase traffic to YouTube. TubeBuddy now allows me to upload directly to Facebook, which saves me a lot of time. This allows me to take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay functionality and receive a large number of views on the social media platform.

OPPORTUNITY FINDER. Instead of YouTube, this tool lets you get more views from Google. It recommends tags to apply to your website that will boost your search traffic. Your videos’ Google rankings will improve after you add the tags.

AUTO TRANSLATOR. This tool assists you in translating the titles and explanations of your videos into other languages. You will significantly increase your global audience!

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO PUBLISH? This is a game-changer. In the past, I would simply guess when the best time to upload to YouTube was based on my current timezone and the location of my subscribers. Now, I use TubeBuddy’s deep analytics to determine the best upload time for my target audience. This will give you a huge boost by bringing your videos into the YouTube algorithm.

SCORECARD FOR COMPETITORS. This helps you to equate your channel’s monthly views, monthly uploads, subscribers, and interactions to those of your competitors. You can also export the data to a CSV file and dig deeper into it!

REPORT ON HEALTH. This gives you a broad picture of how your channel is doing. It tells you what is and isn’t working for your channel. It provides a short overview of analytics, search traffic, relevant videos, and time spent watching.

MONITOR OF SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. You can use the social dashboard to see where your videos are being viewed and discussed. Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest are all scanned. This has been extremely beneficial in allowing me to monitor what people are saying about my videos on Reddit. You won’t have to manually check any of these social media sites for your videos because TubeBuddy will do it for you.

CHECKLIST UPLOAD. This is one of TubeBuddy’s most useful functions. You’ll never miss a phase in the uploading process again! Any time you upload a video, check off these 9 best practices!

ALERTS FOR BRANDING. Yet another fantastic TubeBuddy feature! TubeBuddy scans videos that include my brand name in the title, description, or tags, and I use it to get brand notifications. It’s a perfect way to keep track of how people feel about your brand on YouTube. It can also be used with any keyword, which can help you keep track of your rivals.

THUMBNAILS GENERATOR. TubeBuddy has a fantastic tool for creating thumbnails for your uploads. Since thumbnails are such an essential part of YouTube SEO, you’ll want to devote as much time as possible to make the perfect one. Photoshop is the fastest, but it’s also the most difficult, so start with the thumbnail maker!

CHANNEL VALUATION. This method will assist you in determining how much to charge for brand deals. You add it to SocialBlueBook, which then calculates how much to charge for a dedicated video or a shoutout based on your average traffic per video, monthly views, and total subscribers. It’s also a useful method for determining whether the value of your channel is increasing or decreasing.

AUDIT OF DEMONETIZATION. For me, the demonetization audit is important! It looks at your title, keywords, and tags to see if any of them are “sensitive” enough to trigger a demonetization. Nothing is more frustrating than investing so much time and effort into a video just to find out after it’s been uploaded that one of the words in the title or explanation was unacceptable. Then you’re out of money for the most crucial period of time, right after upload! Even if YouTube inspects the video and finds it to be satisfactory, you will lose the initial earnings! You’d never guess some of the sentences!

CHANNELYTICS. Analyze competitor networks in-depth! TubeBuddy channel analytics allows you to compare your tags, monthly views, and more! Simply go to any other channel and choose the Channelytics tab!

TUBEBUDDY IS AVAILABLE NOW (100 percent Free using the link here)

Are there any member benefits with TubeBuddy?

Yes, indeed! There are plenty, but my personal favorite is the 25% discount on the Epidemic Sound music library (no more copyright issues!). Epidemic Sound is a fantastic music library that you’ll need to get started with your YouTube channel. There are also additional benefits. Take a look at them below!

The majority of these resources are either free or have a significant discount! The various music libraries included are some of my favorite perks.

TubeBuddy members also get discounted access to AudioHero and JukeDeck, as well as editing tools and YouTube captioning services.

If I were just starting again, I would choose the Pro Plan. It’s very affordable at $9 a month, or $4.50 per month if you have less than 1000 subscribers! It gives you access to all of the key features, but there are some restrictions. Choose the Pro Plan if you want to accelerate your development, and then upgrade to the Legend Plan once your channel has enough profit to sustain it!

THE PRO PLAN ($9/month) is for those who want to get the most out of their money.
The pro plan, which costs $9 a month, is a significant improvement from the free plan. It gives you access to the majority of YouTube SEO and video access software, as well as several productivity tools. The keyword explorer and suggested tags are now unrestricted, which is the most significant benefit. You can now conduct in-depth keyword research to determine which topics generate the most views and increase your content development efforts. This strategy is ideal for

THE STAR PLAN ($19/month) is the most expensive option. TubeBuddy’s strongest all-around strategy is the Star Plan. The star package includes all of the YouTube SEO software as well as all of the bulk processing tools, allowing you to speed up and automate a variety of tasks. It’s fantastic!

THE LEGEND PLAN ($49/month) TubeBuddy’s flagship plan (which is also my new plan) is the Legend Plan. For me, it’s worth it mostly because of the A/B checking. It’s a fantastic platform that has assisted me in gaining millions of views. Essentially, it allows you to compare the performance of different thumbnails and titles on the same video. This can add up to millions of views over the course of your entire channel! The legend plan also includes an auto-translator to help you enter new markets by translating your titles and details into other languages. Another fantastic tool!

1 What is TubeBuddy and how do I use it? TubeBuddy is very simple to use. TubeBuddy is available for both Chrome and Firefox, so once you’ve decided which browser to use, install it in that browser. Then all you have to do is build an account, log in, and you’re done! After you’ve installed it and signed in, you’ll find a totally different interface on your YouTube dashboard! It’s that easy!

2 Is TubeBuddy a Safe Platform? There’s no need to be concerned about TubeBuddy’s safety. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified extension that has been assisting thousands of YouTubers in growing their channels since 2014! I’ve been using it for over four years and have never had a single issue or complaint. And all of my YouTuber friends use it, and we can all attest to it assisting us in our development.

3 Is TubeBuddy a good investment? Yes, indeed! Tubebuddy is well worth the money! TubeBuddy helped me reach 1 million subscribers in 1.5 years! I put in a lot of effort and used TubeBuddy to figure out what material works and what doesn’t on YouTube. Without TubeBuddy, I feel like I would have been winging it and hoping that my videos would go viral. I gained a better understanding of YouTube SEO and became a better content developer thanks to TubeBuddy. It’s the ultimate YouTube growth hack in my opinion.

4 Is TubeBuddy an official YouTube partner? Yes, indeed! TubeBuddy is a YouTube Certified product! It automatically embeds into your YouTube dashboard and begins helping you develop with its numerous tools as soon as you install it!

5 What is the maximum number of channels you can have per license?
TubeBuddy’s only drawback, in my opinion, is that each license only allows for one channel. TubeBuddy, on the other hand, continues to provide excellent value for money, particularly as your channel grows! You can also get TubeBuddy discounts if you have less than 1000 subscribers, so it’s not so bad! There are also more discounts if you buy for more than one channel at the same time!

6 Which is better, TubeBuddy or VidIQ?
Both are useful, but I prefer TubeBuddy to VidIQ. The only other viable alternative to TubeBuddy is this. Both are excellent products with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but if I had to choose only one, it would be TubeBuddy.

  • It will assist you in mastering YouTube SEO.
  • You can “draft” views from other channels.
  • The basic features are available for free.
  • Certified by YouTube.
  • Simple to use.

TubeBuddy is, without a doubt, the best YouTube SEO and growth tool available. My channel has evolved alongside it, and I’ve written this review because I adore it. It’s very easy to use and can be enabled in only a few clicks on your browser. If you’re unsure about the discounted plans, you can always try out the free extension first! TubeBuddy comes highly recommended by me! Once you’ve used TubeBuddy to grow your YouTube channel, make sure to read my guide on how to grow your YouTube channel.

DOWNLOAD TUBEBUDDY RIGHT NOW (it’s free to install if you use this link!)

Leave a comment below with your TubeBuddy memories! I hope you found this TubeBuddy review helpful!

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you buy anything from one of my reviews, I’ll get a small commission (at no extra cost to you). In reality, I’ve found a lot of exclusive offers that will help you save money!

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