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Don’t affect your google account for making changes to your youtube account. Learn — “How to change YouTube channel name?” If you are one of the old youtube users, you may know about — name changing issue on youtube.

There might be a question in your mind, “can I change my youtube name without changing my google name?” The answer is, Yes, you can. Luckily, YouTube is finally allowing all YouTube creators to edit their YouTube channel’s name and profile picture as well. The best thing to notice is, your these edits and changes will not affect your linked Google Account.

Prior to this new update, a YouTube channel’s branding was tied to its linked Google Account information. In that case, so you’d have to make changes in your Google profile image and account’s name if you wanted to update your channel.

After this nice change, your Google Account and YouTube channel will work as separate entities. This will be helpful for keeping your Google and YouTube Account separate.

You can change the channel name by following separate steps for Desktop and mobile users. As youtube name changing option is available for both desktops and YouTube mobile apps. Steps are given below…

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