How I Make Voice Over Without a Microphone | by GoBeast | Apr, 2021


I’m super excited to share with you the answer to one of the most common questions I got from a lot of people. “How can I make a voice-over without a microphone”?. Today’s post is for anyone that wishes to make a voice over but doesn’t have access to a microphone. Here is a video I made without a microphone.

You’re going to need a mobile phone for recording. So the first step is to make a recording with your mobile whether it is android or ios. It doesn’t really matter. After making some recording with your mobile phone, the next thing you need to do is to save the recording and then export the recording or move the recording or transfer the recording file into a computer system.

Your phone is going to save the recording in a certain file format, For me, it is always saving as a .3GPP file. To make use of this file on your computer system, you have to convert it into an audio file.

You can convert the audio file to .3gpp with software like Freemake converter or better still, convert it online.

Audacity is where the magic happens. Audacity is free software that anybody can download and edit videos with it. Audacity is just like a free version of Adobe Audition.

To increase the volume of your audio in audacity, drag the volume panel at the left corner of your software to your desired spot and watch the magic happen.

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