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This was a collaboration video with various popular YouTubers, its money based but it was also a challenge and captured everyone’s reaction to the situation

Mr Beast is a master at combining all the different ingredients needed to go viral I’m putting them into one video.

The result?

60 million views

In this case 60 million views.

Now you may be sitting there saying-

“where am I going to get access to 20 high profile YouTubers and a hundred grand in cash from?”

But the truth is Mr Beast’s figured this out very early on.

Look through some of the videos he made a few years back when he was small and you’ll see he still used the same method of blending popular formats into one video.

See where you can apply this to your own videos to appeal to larger audiences .Of course it’s not just as easy as that. Making videos that have the potential to go viral and actually going viral are two very different things. How is anyone going to know your video is a viral hit in the making if no one sees it? And that brings us onto factor number two.

YouTube cares about two things now more than anything else — CLICK-THROUGH RATE (CRT), which is the amount of people clicking on your video and WATCH TIME, which is the amount of time people spend watching your video after clicking. These are the two main metrics that YouTube uses when deciding whether or not to show your video to more people.

You see a lot of people like to over complicate things when it comes to the YouTube algorithm, but Mr Beast keeps it simple and focuses on getting people to click and make them stay on his video.

In terms of click-through rate it’s all about your TITLE and your THUMBNAIL. These are two things Mr Beast is absolutely dominating with. His titles are short and snappy and always hold some sort of ‘shock value’. Being able to spark someone’s interest through a few words is a skill that is often overlooked.

As for Mr Beast’s thumbnails, on the surface they may seem quite simplistic and at times, even poorly made. This thumbnail looks like it was made in five minutes:

Mr Beast Challenges

Yet this video still has more views than many entire channels on Youtube.

However, once again Jimmy is much smarter than many give him credit for. These thumbnails perfectly suit the type of videos he makes. They are in your face and instantly recognizable. Because when it comes to pranks or challenges, people don’t want to see some polished end product. This simplistic look is definitely intentional. Mr Beast’s wants to stay true to that traditional YouTuber style. If he came out with a flashy polished thumbnail and fonts it just wouldn’t suit his brand. Most of his thumbnails showcase some form of reaction this may seem simple but it’s very important to remember.

Another interesting point to remember is that over 50% of all traffic on YouTube comes through phones. Mr Beast knows that he needs to grab attention and be readable on smaller screens. Most Youtubers create their thumbnails on their computers so it’s an area that’s easy to forget about.

So that’s how Mr Beast gets people to click, but how does he get them to stay?

Here I’ve outlined three things Jimmy does that ensure he clocks up hour after hour of watch time.

The first thing is he gets straight to the point of the video from the get-go. Usually in the first 10 or 20 seconds of his videos he explains exactly what is going to happen this is commonly called A HOOK and it ensures viewers know what to expect from the start so they’re more likely to stick around.

The second thing is a bit more obvious — HIS VIDEOS ARE LONG. If you want to get more watch time it makes sense to have longer videos; there’s a sweet point though, which for Mr Beast is usually between 10 and 20 minutes.

And thirdly Mr Beast uses a lot of retention tactics to make sure viewers are brought on a journey through his videos and don’t click off. Most of his videos are not resolved until the end so you naturally want to stick around to see what happens. If you break it down there all a story with an intro middle and end.

He also uses a varied approach of editing. For example, combining energetic humour with slower, more emotional moments. Some of this is just from being a good storyteller, but it all helps to make sure people stick around after clicking.

Now let’s discuss the final two points. These are going to be much less detailed but equally as important.

The growth stage is a term used in business to describe the stage where a new company is growing rapidly fast to get more customers and develop a better product without worrying too much about being in profit. Mr Beast applies the same concept to his YouTube channel which I find to be a fascinating model and a very clever move. Pretty much all the money Mr Beast has made from his videos up until this point has been reinvested into making even better videos.

You see a lot of Youtubers grow like this. They get to a certain point and fail to innovate and fail to create better videos and just subside. However, the way Mr Beast is constantly upping the stakes and improving his videos means his growth isn’t slowing as his videos get better and better each time.

YouTube can sometimes feel like a toxic environment that is built on bringing other people down to fight your ways at the top however Mr Beast is a perfect example that by being a genuinely positive and likeable person you can still rise to the very top of this platform.

Maybe this is the most important lesson of them all.

So which strategy are you going to use on your road to YouTube success?

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