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YouTube SEO = YouTube Search Engine Optimization


1: Channel SEO

2: Video SEO


1: On-Page SEO

2: Off Page SEO


If you have created or are about to create a channel, make sure that the name of the channel is unique. Search each thought name first and try adding a Channel filter. How many have been made before? Try selecting a name that has not been used before. If the name is too popular, check that it has not been used more than 2 times, otherwise skip it.

Now go to Settings in Creator Studio and type the name of your channel, and also add Channel Keyword in Basic info.

See more. There will also be a branding option. Put a subscribed image there and it will be easily found from Google.

Also, the language option will be English Select.

Now apply Channel Logo and Channel Art.

Now first write the name and description of your channel in About.

Under the About section, create a business inquiry email and create a separate email. Never apply Channel Email.

Then look further down. There will be an option of Links. Give Social Media Links there. You can also link to Your website.

Make a Video Playlist mandatory and also Create a Video Section.


This happens after the Off-Page SEO video is rendered. Go to Video File Properties and click on the Details tab. In which you must give the title first after which you will give the subject of your file. In which you will enter your Keyword and then make the Ratings 5 ​​Star and below it, there will be an option of Tags. Put the same Tags in it and there will be an option of Comments below. You can also use your own tags there. Also, if you want to give more details, you can give them.

It all happens in Windows. For Android, you need to install any Video Properties Editor from Playstore.


Each video is based on a keyword. After the video is ready, the first thing that comes to your mind is what should be its perfect title? Where to find it? Etc. etc.

First Method i am using VidIQ for finding amazing keywords and rank my YouTube videos.

2nd Method Go to Ahref Tools or also you can use Google Keyword Planner> Click YouTube Keyword Tool> Select Location ‘USA’ and Many More.

Now enter your basic Keyword in this Search Box. The bottom line will be Keywords. Now, look at what people have searched for and how many times. Now find three Main Keywords whose Searches are Normal meaning neither less nor more. You have to use these three keywords in the title.

Now you have to fit the same three keywords in the description. Install Grammarly Extension or Install Grammarly App in mobile to check if the grammar of the description is correct. If the description is correct, it gives a very good expression on the YouTube algorithm.

Now you must use the same three Keywords as Hashtags in the Description.

Now you must use the same three keywords in the Tags. Add more Related Tags.

YouTube Video Thumbnail:

YouTube thumbnail is very important. Create an attactive thumbnail, you can use canva or photoshop to create an attactive thumbnail. You can download youtube thumbnail of your competitor videos for getting ideas. “How to Create an attactive thumbnail”.

You don’t have to worry about doing this. After that, all the work is on YouTube. If your video is worth watching, it means Attractive, which makes the viewer trap and do some activity. If a few people do this for a few days, then congratulations to you. The video is running like a deer, Flying like a falcon.

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