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Will youtube monetize compilation video channels like stitching multiple TIK TOK video or insta reels or any different videos for that matter

Have you ever wondered how compilation videos are made and how they are monetized?

If you seeking answers for these questions, I covered every aspect of it. You will get a comprehensive idea about compilation videos and even you can revamp your thought process on starting a new compilation channel.

Compilation videos are more popular because it has more engagement and has entertainment value.

Regardless of this, even though some might say that there is no value in these types of channels, I disagree.

Because Compilation videos will take more time and effort to produce and put together in a line.

You have to search the best moments, choose what to watch and what to edit, this takes hours to do.

If you ask me Is it advisable to start a compilation channel now? Let me be realistic here,

In my option, Compilations videos are prone to 3 major reasons


2.Reused content

3.Repurpose someone else content

Copyright is part of parcel, when it comes to compilation video or any video which you don’t own.

Lets take the popular compilation video niches, like tiktok compilations or funny fails or near miss compilations.

Where do you find or get the source for these videos?

This is the most time-consuming job you’ll have. Where ever you see a video which fits to your niche and use a downloader to get it. Isn’t?

As long as the videos are safe for work and actual owners don’t report you for stealing their content.

That is why it might be a good idea for you to ask their permission to use their material on your YT channel.

Let’s take you are creating a tiktok compilation videos.

Most of People who makes tiktok were already in social media influenced, so if you take their work and put in your video and make money. Do you think is possible?

Why should they allow you to take their work and effort and you make money? I hope most will not. Unless until they see your channel making them popular.

But its very rare, why you should take their videos if they are not popular.

The compilation videos can be easily go viral at any time, if your videos get popularity, the content owner or concern persons will try to get some monetary benefit out of it because it’s their work.

Yes, I understand, you created the video by putting so much effort.

But they haven’t asked you to do so, you took their videos and compiled it for your own purpose.

You may argue, that I used under fair use but understand, fair use varies from country to country and it will be dealt legally upon with the individuals and youtube will not indulge.

So better to get a proper permission from the original copyright owners to use their content.

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