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The popularity of online videos has skyrocketed during the last few years. Starting from business to the creative field — everyone is now adopting this new marketing technique to upgrade their audience base. However, in this competitive web market, it’s tough to win the hearts of the niche even if you are launching something interesting and unique for them. Therefore, one must know availing of which promotional method can leave them with impressive online traffic.

A recent study has proved that every day over 250 million hours of videos is watched on YouTube. The amount of time spent on YouTube is expected to get doubled with time. Therefore, creating a useful video for your business homepage can be the key to convert leads.

The entrepreneur can focus on a various matter such as — giving overviews of the products or services, introducing a new item or displaying how your consumers can avail of services from your site.

Video Promotion Services

Why should you do video marketing?

The fundamental aspects of video marketing are –

ü It raises awareness amongst the niche

ü Creates excellent consumer engagement

ü Drives more sales to your site

Though video marketing entered into the mainstream of promotion in the year 2010, still today many entrepreneurs are unaware of its benefits.

So, let’s put light on the advantages of video promotion service:

The web market is littered with video marketing statistics that all point out how videos are becoming the future of the business promotion.

Excellent stat count

Google, one of the top-most search engines, has showcased that 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos than switching on the television. The stat also points out every week 78% of people browse videos on YouTube while the count comes to 54% every day. At each passing day, the video watching time is increasing, and now, YouTube analytics have found out that over 1 billion hours are spent on this particular platform.

Build trust

If you are a business owner, you must know that unless you build your trust in people, they won’t come back to you for purchasing the products. The question may arise, does making a video can help you with building trust in your consumers? Of course, it won’t. But launching a video and promoting it amongst your niche will help you show them how promptly your company works on the field and what kind of help you provide for the benefits of your consumers. Once your videos secure a place at the top of YouTube, people will start believing you as one of the esteemed spokespeople in that particular sector.

Always remember people believe in what they see, not what you say!

More lead conversion

According to a survey, by 2022 online videos will cover over 82% of consumers and they will offer 15 times higher traffic than usual. Considering your last purchase, please confirm — when was the last time you purchased anything online without checking its reviews and videos that have been published on any of the social media platforms? So, if you already count yourself as a loyal consumer who considers video marketing as a new trend, then adopt the ways following which you can boost the online presence of your website.

Inexpensive promotion

Creating a video is easy and hiring professional video promotion services will make it smoother as well. This marketing method is, no doubt, inexpensive as it hardly drains your money, instead offers excellent returns at the end. There are loads of start-ups that have started designing a video promotional campaign under the supervision of experts. Well, it seems that no one could have ever got such a quick promotion just like those start-ups have received.

Set a brand image

Establishing your brand image amongst millions of competitors is difficult. But with the help of a proficient video promotion campaign, you can do wonder. Once your videos get popular, it hardly takes time to build a good reputation for your brand. Your popularity will work as a word of mouth and many will come your way to browse the videos you have made on your products or services. It leaves a positive impression on the niche as well.

Companies, that want to grow in this rapidly evolving digital era, must adopt this marketing technique to be in the limelight. Keep upgrading your promotional process and start receiving an outstanding response from worldwide audiences.

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