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Do you want to increase YouTube search views by 500% with the help of our ultimate YouTube SEO Guide? Do you wish your video to top the search result while searching on YouTube? Excellent, We have got you covered!!!

In the last few years, YouTube has stretched its periphery to a remarkable extent. We have seen multiple YouTubers implementing different tactics to rank the videos. In this blog, we will share the best YouTube SEO tricks to get more likes, subscribers, and viewers within a few hours of release. With each passing day, the number of young YouTubers is significantly increasing. To secure a massive number of viewers, you need to use the SEO magic wand in the best way.

Therefore, let’s not discuss further and dive deep into the topic, where we will teach you various ways to rank your YouTube videos.

How To Rank YouTube Videos With SEO

5 Useful Strategies For How To Rank YouTube Videos With SEO

If you search the internet about how to rank YouTube videos, you will get the hackneyed formulas, which won’t work actually. Adding the keywords, creating unique content, implementing tags are some of the overused ideas compared to this smart era. In this blog, we will give you the exact tips that will help you to gain the top position in real-time.

#Strategy 1

Elevate The Click-through Rate:

The click-through rate speaks of the number of visitors click on your video. It is needless to say, the YouTube authority pays keen attention to the click-through rate and places your content in a higher position considering this parameter. Now the question is,


We will give you a solution!

The usage of brackets and parentheses in the title enhances your click-through rate. When you add brackets at the end of your title, the sneak preview convinces the visitors to click on the content.

#Strategy 2

Increase Engagement Signals:

Engagement is the key. It is based on subscribers, likes, comments, and shares. Always remember, participation, popularity, ranking, and traffic are correlated. Now the challenge is to engage your viewers and make them participate in the session.

● As your video continues, you need to add lines that glue to the visitors. Play with their minds by presenting engaging questions. Ask them to post their views and queries in the comment section.

● No wonder the subscription is a big deal for your YouTube channel. Humbly ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can take a unique approach so that the visitors find you exciting and press both the subscribe and bell buttons.

● Try to curate shareable content. We know that exciting and informative content plays an essential role in gaining a good number of viewers. The more it will be shared, the more viewers you will get.

#Strategy 3

Mention Your YouTube Links:

You can embed your videos to your blogs and websites. Furthermore, upload YouTube links on Facebook, LinkedIn to elaborate your post. In this way, more people will get to watch your video while checking your website and scrolling down the Facebook news feed.

#Strategy 4

Video Tags Are Smart:

The YouTube tags categorize your video and mention the classification to YouTube. In this way, search engines recommend your content to the interested audience when they input keywords in the search bar. As you include video tags, it optimizes your content; hence, insert video SEO tags in the meta description. If you add your business name, brand-specific tags will uplift the rank further.

You must not add multiple tags to get more viewers. When you add excess tags in your video, YouTube fails to understand the topic you’ve covered. Hence, make sure to add relevant tags.

Strategy 5

Extend Your Watch Time:

Watch is the total number of minutes that the viewers have spent watching your content. Since watch time is essential for SEO, you need to maintain a good script, outline and plan; this will make your video engaging, focused and precise. You can add music, graphics and images to drag the attention of the visitors.

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Let’s Check Out Other Notable Tricks For YouTube SEO

Play With Keywords

Do you know why keywords are so important? In case you are clueless, think logically! When you search for a video, what do you type on the search bar? You enter the exact terms to find the most relevant video from the pool. If your video title and description have the right keywords, it will top the search result. Now the challenge is to find the most suitable keywords for your content.

As YouTube is an open platform, visitors put different keywords that strike the mind. Hence, you need to be smart and use tools like VidIQ, TubeBuddy (specific for YouTube videos) and more.

  1. VidIQ: Using this tool, you get in-depth insights on how to grow your audience swiftly. Apart from that, with a powerful SEO feature, this tool provides you with suitable SEO keywords for your videos. You will have SEO-friendly tags, titles and descriptions.

We would like to explain the steps to find keywords through Morning fame.

Step 1 — Pick A Video Topic: What kind of video you want to make? Is it a tutorial or a business-oriented video? No matter what you video is all about, you need to insert a term relevant to your topic inside the search bar.

Step 2- What Inspires You? Is there any video with the same content that inspires you the most? In that case, wouldn’t it be great to come up with a similar video and witness the same audience engagement? Just copy and paste the video link inside the given blank.

Step 3- Pick Your Keywords: In this step, you will get both common and uncommon keywords. The Ranking Opportunity Rating will tell your score, based on the search volume of the selected keywords.

Step 4- Add Tags: In the last step, you can add suitable SEO tags for your content.

  1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorers: Using this tool, you can get almost all kinds of keywords as it has been handling a database of nearly 650 million YouTube keywords.

How To Filter The Keywords?

Well, this is a significant point to focus. After selecting the keywords, you need to filter the special terms from the pool. How to do that? We will teach you the steps.

You can filter the keywords banking on,

  1. The Search Volume: The search volume tells you that for how many times the people in the mentioned country have searched using that keyword. If you consider our suggestion, always pick keywords with high search volume.

Metadata Is Important

You may find it useless to add extra information while uploading a new YouTube content. If you put some effort, the metadata can do a lot of SEO work to elevate your video in the search result. Let’s learn the essential YouTube SEO tips to prepare your metadata as a traffic building weapon.

  1. Video Title: The video title is the first thing that visitors will read. To glue the audience, you must create an exciting title, including the gist of your content. No matter, if you are uploading a business video or a make-up tutorial, you need to mention the quintessence of the topic that allure the visitors to stick to the content. Do not forget to add keywords in the title.


Transcription is nothing but the word-to-word documentation of your video. By adding transcription, you can weave your piece with SEO strategy. Do not forget to add keywords and SEO tags in the content.

An Eye-catchy Thumbnail

Thumbnail has nothing to do with SEO, but it makes the first impression of your content. We believe that a colorful and unique snapshot of your video content remains responsible for dragging more and more audience. We have mentioned 4 YouTube thumbnail fonts that you can download for free.

➢ Impact

➢ Carter One

➢ Racing Sans One

➢ Bebas Neue

New Videos

To enhance viewers, you must continue adding new videos with exciting content; this will entice new visitors to subscribe to your channel. Taking a gap of more than one month may end up reducing your subscribers. While making new videos, you can consider new topics, trendy issues, interesting approaches so that visitors look forward to watching your content.

Produce High-quality Videos

Even if you have great content, you may find it challenging to prepare a complete video. According to us, you need to shed light on some supportive things.

➢ Firstly, buy a tripod. A tripod provides stability to your phone and helps you to film in a better way.

➢ Secondly, arrange a good backdrop. If you plan to film inside your house, try to set a bright and tidy setting. A big NO to hazy or messed up backgrounds.

➢ Thirdly, suitable light. You need to provide adequate light so that the video becomes visible enough from far.

➢ Lastly, you will need a microphone. Your audience will not be attentive to your content if you aren’t audible.

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11 Noteworthy Hacks For YouTube SEO That Everyone Would Love To Know

Now, when you know everything about YouTube ranking, it is time for you to learn a few SEO hacks for a better reach. You have smart visitors, and you need to upload high-quality content to get them engaged. Let’s start with the fascinating SEO tips to support your channel.

Plan Your Content

Before you start filming, make some plan. Before everything else,

  1. Choose Your Topic: What do you want to cover? We know that visitors won’t prefer similar content that you have been uploading in your last videos. For this reason, be smart to come up with unique ideas of different content. Make sure your visitors find something new to learn from your recent work.

A. The Gist Of Your Content– When your viewers know the substance of your topic, they are more likely to keep watching the video. For this reason, plan correctly and prepare the description, including the SEO keywords.

B. Resources- Mentioning the resources is a great idea to attract visitors. You can mention related links to justify or support your content; this is a great idea to gain the trust of your viewers.

C. Social Media Links- In today’s world, the influence of social media is beyond question. While creating the content, embed the social media links that connect your website or blogs. In this way, you can gain more traffic without much effort.

D. Hashtags- Do not forget to add hashtags. The hashtags will help you to get audiences looking for relevant content. You can find related hashtags that classify your content. In this way, YouTube will recommend your video to the viewers searching for similar content.

YouTube Backlinks: No wonder, backlinks play a significant role for YouTube SEO. Backlinks are webpage links from one online platform to another. Backlinks remain responsible for driving traffic in your YouTube video. If you have a backlink from a high-traffic page, the chances of receiving considerable visitors increases. You can use the backlinks of your website to take your visitors to the website. On the other hand, you can also use the backlinks of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Relatable Content: You need to prepare a relatable content so that your viewers can relate to the topic. Most of the people search YouTube videos to learn new things, entertainment purposes, educational purposes and more. Hence, whether your video is relatable or not is a vital aspect. We believe that simple language helps a lot when connecting to a mass. Prepare a simple script that is enjoyable yet believable. If your audience can join your thoughts, they will love to watch your content, again and again, increasing the watch time.

Video Editing: Video edition is an essential task for ranking. If you don’t want professional editors, put considerable effort and time into coming up with a properly edited content to upload. Cut the scenes where you fumbled, add suitable background music, include funny sounds to highlight the punch lines. By doing this, your video will become more agreeable than before.

Honest Feedback Will Work Out: Always encourage your viewers to leave honest reviews in the comment section; This is a tricky way to engage your audience. You can ask easy questions, or want to know their opinion about your content. This process will convince them to leave their reviews on the comment section, and it will end up increasing the engagement signals.

Outstanding Ideas To Rank Your Youtube Videos Fast In Serps.

We know how frustrating it is to wait for the YouTube video to rank the top position. How about learning some swift methods to elevate your YouTube video ranking? No wonder, it is a far better way to learn the smart SEO tips other than asking your family members and friends to watch the new video after you publish! However, we have listed a few tricks that will boost your video ranking in a FASTER way!

Publish Long Videos: Have you noticed that videos with long videos perform better than the short videos. Do you know why? This is because of the YouTube watch time. The longer videos you will make the watch time you will get. YouTube watch time is a significant factor when it comes to YouTube SEO. The audience retention score will increase viewers to your YouTube content. But in the end, the total watch time matters the most in securing the top position.

Glue Your Viewers: To get more viewers, you must create longer videos. But the problem is how to engage your visitors for a longer time? Study shows that visitors pay attention to your videos for the first 15 seconds. Hence, you need to focus on the first 15 seconds of the content. If you can keep them for the first 15 seconds, we assure you that your visitors will stay with you till the end. Now there are three tips that you must follow. If you are showcasing your knowledge or services, make sure you,

➢ Show some proof

➢ Mention accomplishments

➢ Display your experiences over the topic

➢ Showcase your researched work

The Preview: Have you planned for your content’s preview? Well, this is important. Before playing the video, the visitors will watch the 3-second video before watching the thumbnail. Hence while preparing the preview, keep a few things in mind,

➢ Number of tips

➢ Case study

➢ Case study

➢ The gist

The Exact Keyword In The Title: Well, it may sound familiar, but it is essential. With each passing day, the search engines are becoming smarter to place the right content in the top position. For this reason, you must plan correctly and choose the exact keyword to add in the title. Applying this trick will place your video in the top 5 positions.

Pronounce Your Keyword In The Video: If you do not say the keyword even for once in the video, YouTube will find your content fishy. To keep such hazards at bay, utter the keywords for once inside the video.

Maximize Your Click-through Rate: Click-through rate is a beautiful technique to enhance viewers. It is the number of visitors that have clicked on your content to watch the video. Now the challenge is how to maximize the click-through rate? We will tell you.

➢ The title

➢ Thumbnail

➢ The preview

These ideas give you in-depth knowledge on how to rank on YouTube! If you are struggling with YouTube ranking, go through this content in free mind and learn the coolest SEO ideas of 2021. However, you are always welcome to contact us. Our experienced team will help you in the best way.


In today’s world, you need the internet in every step. After considering this fact, new online business ideas are striking young minds every now then. Hence, to gain more traffic, everyone is experimenting with new SEO tricks.

We know this practice, and for that reason, we plan to come up with unique formulas to access satisfying viewing traffic. Are you not pleased with your YouTube viewers? Do you want more subscribers? Do not worry! If you follow the above tips, we know that you will sort it out. However, if you need our help, feel free to reach out to us, and we will uplift your content to the top level. You can have faith in us.

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