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Smith ethan

get views subscribers and real engagement in your youtube channel

(officielle website of Sprizzy)

How does your promotion work/who will see my video?

Sprizzy exists to put your video in front of the YouTubers who’d want to see it. We do this by promoting your video directly on YouTube through YouTube’s Ad’s platform (Google Ads)!

The process is simple:
1. You choose a video you want to promote.
2. You provide a few keywords/phrases that describe your video.
3. You provide the names of channels that are most similar to yours (optional).
4. We promote your video to YouTubers searching for your keywords *or* who are fans of those similar channels.

For example, a yoga teacher promoting her “yoga basics” video could target the keywords “yoga poses” and “yoga workout”. Anyone searching for (or watching videos about) these keywords would see her video as a recommended video.

In the case of an up-and-coming pop singer, they could target fans of “Adele” and “Beyonce” ensuring that only fans of “pop music” would be exposed to their video.

(officielle website of Sprizzy)

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