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With so many affiliate marketing courses out there, it is almost impossible to find one that is worth paying for. Now, the big question is: is YT Affiliate Profits Course legitimate or yet another scam?


You’re here because you’re searching for a credible review before you make a final decision on the purchase after, perhaps, seeing an ad on YouTube or Facebook or hearing someone mention it somewhere, right? Well, fear not because you have come to the right place. My job is to try out some of these products or dig for so enough information to make it easier for you to make a sound decision before you purchase these stuff online. Let’s get right to it.

How I heard about YT Affiliate Profits Course was through Wesley Virgin and Ariella Lorio’s Done For You Affiliate Marketing Services Programme. If you are unfamiliar with Wesley Virgin or his Done For You Services, here is a link to an article I wrote about it.

Wesley’s course is simply amazing! It really does make your job easier especially if you are new to affiliate marketing or you’re just really looking for ways to be profitable. He is a successful online entrepreneur who teaches from experience so that means you can sit back a little and let go of your own guesswork. When you enrol for his course, he and Ariella teach you techniques on how to make money running Facebook and YouTube ads. This also includes features like, but it is not limited to, high converting methods of advertising, best keywords to run ads (otherwise known as tags), a landing page created for you by his developers as well as 24/7 support to assist you with your queries. Amazing, right? Now, listen to this: Wesley recommends the YT Affiliate Profits Course in his OWN for better results. He claims that this course will provide the simplest method of earning more by promoting more products on Facebook and YouTube for his students and if you aren’t his student, relax because you can still learn a lot that you can use with the YT Affiliate Profits Course alone.

YT Affiliate Profits Course is an online premium YouTube advertising course that offers you breakthrough advertising information to help you on your journey in the world of marketing. It is founded by Sean Ali. It is marketed as the #1 of making money online that beats current methods in relation to the ease of getting started alongside scalability. From what I have gathered about the product developer, also known as “Mr X”, he is one of the people that have been able to successfully generate millions of dollars’ worth of paid ads. He claims to have accumulated over 12 years of experience of internet marketing and with his course, he shares his experience.

Sean Ali doesn’t want to waste your time. This can be noted in the way that he gets right into the details of this course because unlike some of the other courses online, he doesn’t include many fillers that make the course unnecessarily long and tiresome. It is also comforting to know that h9is training is mostly, if not entirely, based on live case studies. This means that you will get to see him apply his experiences to generate a positive return on income from his ads.

The success of YT Affiliate Profits Course has not come with a fair share of troubles. There has been a rise of a number of people getting scammed in the name of the same course. This has led to bad publicity and more people being skeptical of joining this course even when they come across the real page. I suggest that you all do some research before you purchase anything online to ensure that you don’t fall prey to scams that will cost you your hard-earned money. It is always best to purchase from the official website and weed out fakes. To recognise some of these fake sites, weed out sites that pose as review sites containing content that doesn’t at all relate to the product as this is categorised as spam and such misleading information is placed all over the internet. With this being said, click on the link below to access the official site.


Even though I have not made the purchase myself (and I’m being honest here because if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t want to be misled by a stranger online) it is my personal opinion that you are getting value for money. When you make the purchase, you receive the following:

– Instant lifetime access to the secure members area (valued at $97)

– Easy-to-follow video training that walks you through every step throughout the method (valued at $297)

– Simple 3-step strategy for running profitable YouTube ad campaigns as an affiliate (valued at $997)

– Access to a world class support team to assist you with your queries

– Full access to the bonus section with even more juicy goodies (valued at $497)

You’re probably thinking, “People who can afford to purchase it. Duh!” and you’re not wrong, and since we’re being honest here… be patient and let me have my piece!

All right, I am done making demands. 🙂

This course is for anyone interested in making money online as an affiliate. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home mom or dad or an individual in their retirement years. The internet is an abundant source of information and if you know where to look, you can use it to your advantage and earn money while you’re on it from anywhere in the world and you being here reading this review means that you have started looking for ways to do so.

However, most people are clueless or they just simply don’t want to waste money making mistakes using methods that may not even work for them and what better way is there than to learn from people that have already had success in this field? If you think so, too, this method is for you, as well.

The downside is that you really do need to have an advertising budget to make it. If you can’t afford to spend much on advertising costs at the moment, looking into earning money organically first might be helpful because you can eventually reinvest the money earned in that way into running paid ad campaigns leading you to ultimately earn more money.

Product Name: YT Affiliate Profits Course

Product Price: ± $497

Product Owner: Sean Ali

Type of Program: Affiliate marketing course

Product Purpose: Teaching you to how to effectively and efficiently generate an income through the use of paid ads

Overall Ranking: 4.0–5 stars

Recommended: YES


– There is no need for previous experiences or technical skills

– Training on YouTube marketing is provided in great detail, along with a bit of training in Facebook marketing

– Teaches you to earn through the use of YouTube ads

– Support is provided for resolving issues ASAP


– A start up budget is required to cover advertising costs

– Applying the training accurately is required to achieve results

The YT Affiliate Profits Course is valued at $1 882.00 but at the time of writing this review, it can be purchased at $497.00. When you access the official site and head over to checkout, you may receive an automatic discount of $1 002.00 with the code “TakeActionNow” automatically entered for you. This means that you do not need to manually enter the code into the voucher code box. I am not sure how long the course will be available for at the value therefore I suggest that you check the price again even after reading this review.

Again, I remind you that you should not forget to take into consideration the fact that you will need to have a start-up budget for advertising costs. This will entirely depend on the number of ad campaigns you plan to run as well as the length of time each of them will run.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or you are simply a newbie when it comes to Facebook advertisements, this programme is an excellent opportunity for you. It is one for those that are willing to put in what it takes to achieve results because this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. YOU NEED TO WORK! When you do eventually decide to embark on this journey, pick your promotions wisely because it should be those that show the most potential for profitability. Study the strategies that are taught here well and you may eventually become an expert in techniques to succeed at being an affiliate by simply using your social media platforms. Furthermore, I can only hope that my review of this product has provided you with a good understanding of what it is and that it has made it easier for you to make a decision.


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Disclaimer: Please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by any individual or company in exchange for mentioning them in this article. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. You may contact the product developers/sellers directly if you have any more queries about the products or your order if you have already placed one.

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