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The richest Youtuber makes around $ 16 million a year! So, what is stopping you from creating your own Youtube channel?

Is it the fact that there are so many Youtube accounts out there? Do not worry, once you create your own Youtube channel, we will help you figure out how to promote your Youtube channel, sell on the platform and grow your audience.

How do you set up a Youtube channel in under 5 minutes?

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Sign in on Youtube
  3. Optimise Youtube settings
  4. Customize your channel

Read the full guide here to know how to set up a Youtube channel

How to prep your first Youtube tutorial

Imagine getting to be the star of your own show. It’s easier than you think. Especially, if you make a Youtube tutorial.

A study by TechSmith states that over . Check out this guide to set up everything you need for your first Youtube tutorial.

Is Youtube useful for small businesses?

People watch over 5 billion YouTube videos daily. Is using Youtube for small businesses an effective marketing strategy? Also, how do you stay relevant on a platform that has 30 million daily users?

This curated guide explains exactly why Youtube is an underrated but excellent tool for you to promote your small business.

Youtube, like other social media platforms, is a goldmine for small businesses — mostly because it is FREE! If you are keen to start selling on social media, we have an in-depth, deeply researched ebook for you to get started!

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