How to set Upload Defaults for your YouTube Videos | by AP White | Jan, 2021


Save yourself time with a default video description and other details on every upload.

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Why set YouTube Upload Defaults?

YouTube upload defaults can be really useful if you have that perfect video description with all your social handles, affiliate links, subscribe link and links to playlists and other info already filled in. Copy and pasting this into every upload is time consuming, so instead you can set it as an upload default so it automatically appears when you upload new videos to YouTube.

What can I set an upload default for?

You can set an upload default for the following in your YouTube studio:

  • The video description (this is the most common one)
  • The visibility of the video (Setting it as public, unlisted or private)
  • The license of the video
  • The category of the video (useful if you upload lots of videos with the same category rather than it defaulting to ‘People and Blogs’)
  • The original language of the video
  • The caption certificate
  • Whether or not to allow comments on the video
  • Whether or not the user can view ratings for the video

So how do you do it?

Setting your upload defaults is easy.

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