Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? | by Stephen Turner | Dec, 2020


Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It?

Whether you post educational content, promotion content, or any kind of video, you’re not alone who’s having difficulty to get more views on their video. Many of those who are beginners face this problem. People have a misconception that buying views is bad or relate it to cheating. But the truth is buying views is one of the most common ways to drive traffic to your channel.

If you’re planning to buy YouTube views and don’t know whether or not to go for it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you the pros and cons of buying views and how the whole process works.

Advantages of Buying YouTube views

1. It generates social proof — What is social proof in the first place? It is a phenomenon where people act on assumptions based on what’s happening around them. In this case, people see a number of views to decide what they have to watch and whether the video is worthy of their attention.

2. It increases your SERP ranking — While YouTube has many parameters to rank your videos, user engagement is an indispensable factor, as much as we have understood this. Your video is ranked based on two factors that how well it fits the user’s query and how much user engagement it has.

3. It increases organic views — Once you have more views on your video, it will rank high on search results, and this, in turn, will get more users to watch your video. Also, your videos will be shown in the suggested to watch section.

4. It helps in promotion — If you want to promote your brand or launch a new product, YouTube can help in your brand promotion. Buying views will give you a boost, and more people will get to know about your product. The chances are that they recommend or post your video’s link to their social media account, and this way, you’ll get more followers and views.

5. It saves time and effort — In the beginning, it could be quite difficult to get people to watch your videos. Here buying views can help. If you’re really busy or don’t have any strategy now, you can buy views to make your content popular and once you’ve reached a good position, you can make a strategy for the future.

Disadvantages of Buying YouTube views

1. Purchase views don’t mean real customers

If you’re a businessman and you’re buying views, it may or may not increase your actual customers. This is because buying views will only give you a boost and not an actual increase in sales.

2. Purchased views do not guarantee organic growth

While buying views may increase organic followers and views, but this isn’t the full picture of success. In order to make your channel or video successful, there are many more steps involved.

Wrapping Up

We suggest you run a background check on the source you’re buying from. Make sure that the source is genuine and once you’re satisfied, then only release the money.

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