The Problem With Starting YouTube in 2021 | by Adam J Bell | Dec, 2020


Is it still a good idea? and how can you accomplish it?

A US survey recently found that 75% of kids aged 6 to 17 want to be a YouTuber when the grow up.

The days of wanting to be a fire fighter or an astronaut are over, I mean who wants to stand on a big dumb rock, when you could be getting thousands of likes on that new Vlog you just posted because it was

YouTubers got the money, they work whenever they want, they get free stuff, they’re famous, and they don’t even have a boss. It’s easy to see why so many people want be YouTubers, look at all the great things associated with it. When you think about how many people want to be YouTubers, (like 75% of us) that’s a lot of people. It’s almost seen as this fantasy, and that only people who get dealt the perfect cards and get super lucky can have that lifestyle.

Every year millions of new videos get posted to YouTube, and along with that, millions of new accounts are created. It’s no secret that YouTube has given our generation a massive opportunity to become an instant celebrity and create an insane career around it. The only problem is, it’s not that simple…

Depending on what type of content you upload, there will already be a certain number of other creators in that space. It’s hard to be the first for anything on YouTube nowadays. The truth is that there are over 500 hours of video uploaded onto the platform every single minute, and that number keeps increasing.

There’s no denying that saturation gets worse every day, as videos that are posted on YouTube don’t just disappear after a few years. Meaning if you’re gonna make a video on a certain topic, you’re gonna have to compete with all of these other well performing videos from the past. This is an issue that everyone deals with on YouTube every single day, and it’s also one of the many reasons that small creators are never able to breakout and get discovered. Their content just gets suppressed by every one else, as there’s so much out there. It can be sad to hear for some creators that it could possibly be their niche holding them back due to the overbearing saturation.


And this is not just an article about why you might not make it, it’s also about answering exactly how you can increase your chances.

If you aren’t familiar with me, my name is Adam J Bell and I started uploading on my YouTube Channel at the beginning of 2020. I didn’t go viral by any means, but I grew from 0 subscribers to 10k in 6 months.

I also have another YouTube channel with 20k subscribers in another niche. Not only have I grown these 2 channels to a decent amount of success, but I’ve also picked up a ton of YouTube knowledge throughout the journey.

First off is debunking that myth of over saturation. Now it’s not just a straight up myth, it definitely does exist, and it can lead to new content being buried. The only solution to this specific problem, is really creating better content than the rest. It doesn’t mean you need a 4K camera or the best microphone, the content itself just has to be great. It’s up to you to figure out exactly what aspect you’re gonna bring to the table to make it stand out.

Captain Sinbad is a well known YouTuber with over 300k subscribers that started his channel off by telling stories to the camera. Guess what, he didn’t grow much because it wasn’t that special. He then found a way to tell the same stories while making it 100x more enjoyable for viewers, and that was by making them into films.

Captain Sinbad’s Old Content
Captain Sinbad’s New Content

He did exactly what creators everywhere should be doing if they want to grow faster than others. This doesn’t mean you need to make your videos into films, it just means you need to find that special addition that takes your channel to another level. This is exactly how you escape over saturation.

Something we may not even take into consideration when watching our favourite creators is “”. Personally I watch nearly every one of Graham Stephan’s videos because I’m a fan of his, but I don’t stop to ask my self how high end really is his content. Sometimes he just reacts to other videos. He makes being a famous YouTuber look quite easy and low effort by doing this. In a weird way, watching large creators uploading more minimal effort content can make our brains think it’s okay for us to do the same. This is something many many beginner YouTubers struggle with unknowingly. They do what they see is working for others, even though they’re not them.

Graham Reacting to a Video

When you reach a certain amount of fame or certain amount of subscribers, people will watch your content just because it’s you. Yes the content also matters, but not nearly as much as it does when you are trying to grow your initial fan base. This is what people forget sometimes, and it’s exactly the reason many creators quit early on, when all they need to do is stay consistent and trust the process!

In the grand scheme of things your channel is small, and most viewers watch big channels, not small channels like yours. Every time you upload a video, there are 20 big YouTubers uploading at the same time, tough luck. It kind of seems like the odds are against you at this point, because they are… But this has been the case and will always be the case. Even the largest creators started from 0 not too long ago. Just like starting your own business, you’re most likely to fail, like really likely. But that won’t stop those who truly want it.

Viewers are Attracted to Larger Channels

The more hours, time, and hustle you put into it, the better chance at success you’ll have. Even though there are millions of videos out there, there are billions of viewers watching. On top of that, there is more money in YouTube right now than ever before. Countless companies and brands are always looking to work with or sponsor upcoming creators.

If we could go back to our younger self and say, “” I think we’d all do it. 10 or 15 years ago it would have been easy to create better content than most people, making it easier to stand out. We’d probably be famous by now. Unfortunately it’s not that simple, I don’t know about you but I certainly cannot time travel.

Get to the Drawing Board!

Next week there will be over 100 thousand new videos uploaded to YouTube that you’ll have to compete with, and the week after that another 100 thousand. The sooner you start getting content out there and uploading videos, the better.

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