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You can earn a minimum of $100 per day even if you have a brand new Youtube channel. This is not hype. Just proven method, in fact, I am doing this.

See my few of the earning proof below,

So, you can earn money in two ways on Youtube.

  • Earn through Youtube
  • Earn on Youtube

I know, above bullets are giving you more confusion 🙂

Let us see more in detail.

When I was started my first youtube channel in 2008, my main aim is to earn money from it like most of the peoples. So I created my Google Adsense account and connected it into my Youtube Channel. (Those days are elementary. Google didn’t have powerful radar, and they not started to scrutinize their policies)

You may know Youtube is paying on average $5 per 1k views of your channel videos.

So, I calculated in this way to earn money from Youtube.

  • Upload 5000 videos in next 7 days
  • So if each video got one view per month, I would get 5K views.
  • It means it will give me 5×5 = 25$ per month.
  • If I scale this method, I can earn even more.
  • Easy peasy.

Being a Software developer, I created 5000 videos in a day thru my self developed software. Actually, each video is just 30 seconds long, which are talking about amazon products.

And then, I started uploading 5000 videos in batches. Exactly within 7 days I upload all the 5000 videos and expected to receive $$ in my google Adsense account every day.

This expectation was continued over 30 days.

How much did I earn after a month?

Would you guess it?

As per my calculation, I might earn at least $25. But I earned $0. Yes, the Big Zero Dollar.

I was curious to know what’s wrong in my calculation. But I couldn’t find it. So, I just continued to wait for one more month. But this time, my channel got banned. I had no clue why it happened.

After my series of research on the internet, I found this gem,

Yes, it doesn’t matter how many videos you have uploaded in your channel. How about the quality of content is matters. So you need to have engaging content on your Youtube channel.

What is engaging content?

This is a kind of investigation. Suppose you are helping person “X”. When does your help make that person “X” happy?

When he really needs your help at that moment alone, your help is useful to him. Otherwise, he will not consider it even if you help him greatly.

In fact, by writing the answer to your question, I am helping you solve your earning problem. If you don’t have this problem, and if I go to see you and try to help you, you won’t listen to me, will you?

Exactly, to create engaging content, your content should solve your visitors’ problem. But where do you find the problems in your areas of expertise?

In many places, you can find it. In fact, Quora is the source for finding problems. And then like Quora you can use the following sources to find the problems,

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Facebook Groups
  • YouTube comments (go to any relevant video and watch the comments)

These are all places where you can find a lot of problems. Once you find the problem, give a solution to that problem based on your experience in the form of a video.

Next, You need an initial push. I mean you need to drive traffic to your videos. For that, you may do,

  • SEO which brings you organic traffic
  • Paid Traffic

Once the visitors come thru these traffic sources and found your content useful, the same visitors come again to your website thru other traffic sources such as,

  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic

So your objective to get more traffic to your website and youtube channel is convert all other traffic sources into Direct and Referral Traffic.

Now, I am coming to the main topic. Monetization

As I said in the beginning, you can earn on Youtube in two ways,

  • Earn on Youtube
  • Earn thru Youtube

Earn on Youtube means to earn via the Youtube partner program. If you want to become youtube partner to monetize your video thru google ads,

  1. You should have 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  2. Your channel should have 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

If your channel met these criteria, you are ready to receive income for video views. As a general rule of thumb, you may get from $5 to $20 per 1k views after Youtube deducting their share. You need to know; no one tells you the exact amount what Youtube will pay for you for 1l views. Even Youtube doesn’t know.


Because Youtube monetizing your video thru Google Adwords. You may be aware of it. Actually, Google Adwords is an advertising platform where the advertisers are posting their ads.

The core feature of Google Adwords is, advertisers itself decide the cost of each advertisement. So the cost of the ads displayed on your video differs from one ad to another. That’s the reason; no one can tell you the exact amount.

So the Youtube partner program is the one way to earn money on Youtube.

The second way is to earn money by putting your offer link in the youtube description box, which is located beneath the video.

So you can use this description box to send your viewers to your money pages.

Basically, this money pages may be any of the following,

  • Affiliate link
  • Squeeze page
  • CPA link
  • Your blog
  • Your product sales funnel
  • Etc…

Best way to monetize your youtube channel is becoming the Youtube Partner. The second best is to send your viewers to your money pages.

If you’re not eligible to the Youtube partner program and you’re interested to learn more about the Description box link method to monetize then read below paragraph.

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