Spotify Thanks Cardi B, WAP and Others in Its Year-End OOH Campaign


While most would agree that 2020 was not the best year, Spotify found plenty to be thankful for, even as the music industry changed rapidly as live music was halted in its tracks.

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Spotify just released its Wrapped playlist, naming the top albums, artists and playlists on its platform. While Bad Bunny topped the list for artists, the 2020 Wrapped campaign—which takes over out-of-home and social spaces around the globe each year—features plenty of artists in a campaign that pays gratitude to listeners and boasts the resilience of its artists.

Spotify stated that this year’s campaign would be unlike in years past, with the intent to recognize the artists, podcast creators, passionate listeners and everyday playlist creators who kept Spotify audiences entertained, grounded and informed.

There are layered elements to the campaign besides just the OOH and social, but those billboards do make an impact, as in years past, utilizing user data to drive their point home. They even manage to have some fun as they thank their artists, like one that reads: “Thank you, Cardi B, for sharing your invaluable Wisdom And Philosophies this year. WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion): 439,266,295+ streams. Others thanked include Michelle Obama for “starting a conversation we all needed to have this year” and Bad Bunny “for helping us find our personal dance floors”.

One new element this year sees Spotify partnering with the National Independent Venue Association, creator of #SaveOurStages, to take over space on the marquees of pandemic-shuttered music venues all across the U.S. It’s Spotify’s way of showing gratitude for the vital role music venues have played in artists’ lives, and through a donation, help the venues stay resilient until it’s safe to enjoy live music again.

Other elements include “Fan Films,” which hand the microphone to listeners and asks them to thank their favorite music and podcast creators, and “My 2020 By,” which invites the vital voices of 2020—from activists on the front lines to rising voices behind the scenes—to tap the platform’s new audio format to create playlists. Launching Dec. 7, it will blend their personal accounts of their experiences with the music that accompanied them. Curators include comedians/actors Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, author Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, and activist Opal Tometi, among many others.

“In a year that has taken on so many twists and turns, a first reaction might be to look forward and forget the challenging times. However, that would discount all of the amazing work that creators, fans, venues and activists have poured their hearts into this year,” says Dan Brill, global group creative director at Spotify. “That’s why, instead of turning our backs on 2020, we wanted to give our appreciation for those who gave us hope—the people who, despite challenging circumstances, found ways to infuse magic into our world and give us hope for a better tomorrow.”

The campaign will feature 40 artists and 15 podcasts and will run across OOH/DOOH, connected TV, online video, social media, web and on-platform in 31 markets worldwide.

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