McDonald’s Looks Back on Lockdown From a Kid’s Perspective in This Relatable Holiday Spot


By most measures, 2020 has been a pretty terrible year—but how was it perceived through the eyes of children? McDonald’s in Belgium takes a stab at finding out in a new amusing holiday spot that sees a young girl asking Santa to do what he can to save Christmas.

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Like much of Europe, Belgium was badly hit by the coronavirus crisis and restrictions remain in place, meaning limited family gatherings this festive season.

To give people some “magic” at the end of 2020, McDonald’s has launched 30 days of freebies for customers on its app, marking the remaining days of December.

To promote the giveaway, TBWABelgium has created a 50-second TV ad that shows a young child telling Santa about all of her disappointments this year—her canceled birthday party, awkward remote-schooling moments, paranoid parents and boring long walks with her family.

Luckily Santa has a trick up his sleeve—and presumably a great working relationship with McDonald’s.

“2020 sucks!!” the child says in the opening frame. “Birthday parties? Gone! Home Schooling? Embarrassing. Visiting Granny? Awkward.”

Last month, McDonald’s U.K. released its 2020 holiday ad with a more sentimental creative approach. Created by Leo Burnett London, the animated spot explored the emotional conflict experienced by children as they grow into teenagers, and don’t wish to be treated like kids anymore.

Brand: McDonald’s
Marketing Manager: Laurence Anckaert
Digital Specialist: Anissa Akazzab
Marketing Director: Philipp Wachholz
Agency: TBWA Belgium
Client Service Director: Geert Potargent
Account Director: Tom Eilers
Account Manager: Elien Onclinx
Account Executive: Charlotte De Backer, Dina Boshra
Creative Director: Jeremie Goldwasser
Creatives: Tom Cole, Régine Smetz, Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Copywriters: Michael Mikiels, Manu de Wit, Eric Debaene Social creatives: Sofie Gilliams, Anke Verhaegen, Laurane Bindelle
Design: Sebastien Bontemps
Traffic Manager: Laurie Herbots
Agency Producers: Mieke Vandewalle, Julie Bosteels
Production Company: Wenneker
Producer Executive: Filip Vangeffelen Producer: Mathias Kerner
Director: Rogier Hesp
DOP: David Doom
Post-producer: Lauranne Van Der Heyden
Offline: Joris Willems
Online Motion Design: Enzo Piccinato, Olivier Verbeek
Grading: Xavier Dockx
Sound: Jan Pollet
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen
Designers: Beatrice Bouuaert, Jaimy Vanaken, Yannick Van Der Goten
Webmaster: Koen Corneillie
Project Managers : Stijn Mertens, Juliette Defoux, Ken Kools

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