Head-to-Head Test: Zefr Suitability Improved Efficient Reach | by Jon Zucker | Zefr | Dec, 2020


A multinational brand was seeking mass reach against adult, english-speaking audiences without sacrificing their brand suitability — at the most effective cost possible. With that in mind, they set up a test with and without Zefr’s contextual data applied to understand Zefr’s impact on reach, effectiveness, and suitability.

To understand the impact of Zefr suitability on reach, the brand set up two identical campaigns – one that leveraged Zefr data for suitability and one that did not. When using Zefr’s data, the campaign ran against mass reaching, high performance videos – all filtered for safety & suitability based on industry standards. For further suitability, the brand also used Zefr Content Exclusions to remove Non-English and under-18 skewing content, at the video level. This was in stark contrast to the publisher/keyword level exclusions that had typically been applied to campaigns, which led to over-blocking and campaign cost inflation.

Both campaigns had similar spends and applied the same audience data targeting layers.

While the initial reach numbers of the non-Zefr campaign appeared to be strong, the brand soon discovered that 54% of the videos they ran against were misaligned with content they had tried to exclude. This cut their on-target reach by more than half, driving up their costs.

The Zefr-targeted campaign proved that Suitability can improve brand performance, while reducing media waste.. Even before taking into account the non-Zefr campaign’s misalignments, the Zefr-targeted campaign delivered a 9% more efficient reach — all without sacrificing safety and suitability.

When accounting for the non-Zefr campaign’s misalignments, the Zefr campaign delivered a 63% more efficient on-target reach by filtering out non-English and under-18 skewing content.

For brands looking to achieve brand suitability while driving effective reach, Zefr’s suitability tools give them the contextual control they need to get it done — and drive better outcomes.

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