Facebook Gaming Partner Creators Are Just Hanging Out


Hanging Out is a new streaming category with a focus on conversation over gameplay, and Facebook Gaming said in a blog post, “You can think of Hanging Out as an IRL (in real life) section for gaming creators, where the focus is still gaming, but their content explores a broad range of formats beyond their gameplay, ranging from art to podcasts and everything in between.”

Facebook Gaming said topics that may appear in Hanging Out include art (cooking, drawing, game design, painting, sculpting and more), chatting (interacting with the audience on a given topic), podcasts, talk shows and travel /exploration.

The social network’s gaming unit added, “While it may seem like anything is possible in this category, we’ll have to draw the line somewhere. So, if you were looking forward to streaming yourself sleeping, or opening a shopping channel, we have some bad news for you.”

Hanging Out will initially roll out to partnered gaming creators, with an aim to make it more broadly available soon, and Hanging Out streams can be found here.

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