Popeyes Hopes to Drive Tourism to Guadalajara With Chicken Sandwich Bait


Forget that there’s a pandemic and that it’s really not a good idea to travel. Guadalajara, Mexico is tempting hungry hordes to flood the city in search of the now world-famous chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

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In a short stylish video, scenes of the city are shown, from the neoclassical architecture to the cobblestone streets to its ancient traditions, along with the “newest attraction: the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.”  

Guadalajara is the exclusive launching pad in Mexico for the sandwich, which first debuted in 2019 to plenty of internet fanfare and a zing-filled chicken sandwich war with Chick-fil-A and other chains. It’s also the only place in Mexico where the sandwich will be available for now.

So, the chain is launching a tourism campaign called “Visit Guadalajara, la Ciudad del Sandwich (City of the Sandwich).” 

The campaign aims to invite everyone outside the state of Jalisco, Mexico, where Guadalajara is located, who wants to get their hands on this food sensation. As an incentive for non-Jalisco residents to visit Guadalajara, Popeyes is rolling out a 50% discount on the popular sandwich with proof of residence.

In addition to the video, a series of out-of-home ads from the chicken chain hope to inspire people to try the sandwich and boost actual visits to Guadalajara.

Popeyes is no doubt hoping for a boost to the business that the first wave of promotions in the U.S. did for the sandwich, which sold out in record time and led to a shortage. There may be several stumbling blocks in the way this time, however—the main one being the Covid-19 crisis and various travel bans.

The campaign was produced in partnership with independent agency GUT.

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