Beck’s Beer Tastes Different When You Listen to These Tracks by Brazilian DJs


Beer brand Beck’s, with the help of AKQA in São Paulo, has created music that reaches a frequency it claims can alter the taste of beer to make it more bitter.

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AKQA enlisted top electronic Brazilian DJs to remix their tracks at 73 Hz, after Oxford University studies suggested low sound can enhance the brain’s perception of bitter flavors, for a social campaign.

The DJs—Vintage Culture, Kvsh, Amanda Mussi, Marta Supernova, Badista, Gabto, Gui Borato, Zoppelar, RHR and Malka—reworked their own songs in the new frequency, then Brazilian DJ Badsista tested the effect on people for a short film.

The group are shocked and surprised by the effect that the sound has on their taste perception—finding the beer much sweeter when the track is switched to a regular frequency.

For the curious, the sound experiment is also open to consumers on the brand’s website via a guided interactive experience.

Beck’s is not the only brand to explore the interplay between the senses.

In May, British cheese brand Castello and agency Mother created three documentary-style films exploring a different cheese flavor profile: sharp, creamy and crumbly.

The videos featured taste experts including a sensory chef, material scientist and food anthropologist, who created sounds and visual cues to enhance each cheese’s flavor.

Title: Beck’s Frequency
Client: Beck’s
Agency: AKQA SP
Global CCOs: Diego Machado and Hugo Veiga
ECD: Renato Zandoná
Associate Creative Director: Chris Vellutini
Creative Team: Camila Shoji, Thiago Barbieri, Rodrigo Sganzerla,  Raphael Valenti, Caio Muratore, Felipe Autran
Managing Director: Luiza Baffa 
Strategy: Gabriella Teixeira, Isabella Marchese and Amanda Dea 
Brand Lead: Aline Garcia, Paula Santana, Maura Victorelli and Yago Sant’Anna
Brand Manager: Stella Gafo, Juliana Pereira, Beatriz Durlo, Amanda Lavanere, Luciana Nogueira and Marcella Féo 
PR AKQA: Débora Bacaltchuk
PR Becks: Larissa Camargo, Erika Stephan
3D: Beeld
Production Company: Seiva
Director: GOTACX
Sound Production Company: Hefty
Website: Webcare

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