Santa Decides ‘You’ve Been Good Enough’ for 2020 in Virgin Hotels’ Forgiving Ads


Sketchy behavior, bordering on the completely inappropriate, might’ve earned you a lump of coal in your holiday stocking in years past. Cases in point: lying to your roommate to get some alone time or, on the more extreme end, faking a wedding just to rack up the gifts. 

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But since this is 2020, many sins are forgiven. At least that’s according to a cocktail-swilling Santa who not only looks the other way but delights in your misdeeds.

This dapper gentleman stars in a seasonal campaign for Virgin Hotels called, “You’ve Been Good Enough.” Secondary, even catchier tagline: “Screw naughty or nice!”

The series of 15-second vignettes, from Joan Creative, shows this not-at-all-saintly Nick reading through lists of shenanigans and pardoning every wrongdoer. (He’s not the first Santa to make exceptions in 2020. U.K. retailer Tesco recently launched a campaign announcing there would be “No Naughty List” this year.)

“Everyone’s had a rough year, so we thought why don’t we try to brighten it with some Virgin cheekiness,” said Doug Carrillo, CMO of the boutique chain, which is offering a 35% discount on staycations at Virgin’s properties in Dallas and Nashville from now until Jan. 3.

And maybe following the rules is overrated?

“We wanted to rebel against the age-old tradition of being rewarded during the holidays for making it onto Santa’s ‘nice list,’” said Mica Gallino, Joan’s creative director. “Our aim was to take Christmas norms and throw them on their head in a very Virgin way, hopefully inspiring people to give themselves a gift this year.”


Virgin Hotels
Chief Marketing Officer : Doug Carrillo

Agency: Joan Creative
CEO: Lisa Clunie
Chief Creative Officer: Jaime Robinson
Executive Creative Director: Dan Lucey
Managing Director: Sarah Collinson
Director of Creative Services: Becca Patrick
Head of Strategy: Chris Turney
Creative Director: Mica Gallino
Junior Copywriter: Matthew Eckrich
Account Director: Katie Persichilli
Account Executive: Raelyn Martin
Senior Strategist: Hannah Lewman
Junior Designer: Kirk Damer

Joan Studios 
President: Daniel Marin
Producer: Eric Davies
Director: Blaise Cepis
Editor: Oliver Rivard

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