These Pixar-Like Ads for Pet Food Gently Encourage Owners Not to Overfeed


More people than ever have welcomed new pets into their homes this year, after the Covid-19 pandemic put into sharp relief just how much we all crave the love and company of others.

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Animals are an incredible addition to any household—but sometimes their human owners could do well to cut back the treats they give them to shower them with affection, according to a new charming animated mini-movie from Hill’s Pet Nutrition that warns gently against overfeeding.

The pet food brand said that 55-60% of pets end up overweight, and that most pet owners are unaware of the health problems that can cause.

The brand has launched two short films that use the power of love, as opposed to shame or fear, to urge people to tackle pet obesity and promote its own healthier pet food brand.

The first 60-second spot, “Poochini,” is an emotive animation created by animator Colin Levy that tells the story of a widow who, after losing her husband, rescues a pet.

As the pair become inseparable, she begins to overfeed him, before seeing the error of her ways and switching to Hill’s pet food to help him loose a little weight and lead a happier life.

A shorter, 30-second edit of the film will air during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Broadcast on NBC.

The second animated spot, titled “Moto,” tells the tale of a young woman and her cat, who becomes too overweight to leap onto the Kitchen counter—comically sliding down the side after one failed attempt.

That spot will air in early 2021 during the Grammys.

Both spots have been created by VMLY&R’s Red Fuse Communications, the cross-agency WPP team servicing the Colgate-Palmolive business globally, in partnership with Bipolar Studio.

“Consumer research suggests that up to 90% of pet parents don’t realize that weight could be a problem for their pet. That’s a huge opportunity to raise awareness about an issue we can help solve with nutrition” said David Scharf, vp of global marketing and innovation at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

“From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create a campaign based on love,” said Fred Saldanha, global chief creative officer for Colgate-Palmolive at VMLY&R. “The biggest surprise was seeing the 3D characters come to life and really touch our hearts. But the most important thing is that we ended up tackling a tough topic in a way that people relate to.”

Creative and Production:
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Senior Global SEO Manager: Elgin Smith
HIll’s Team:
VP, Global Marketing and Innovation: David Scharf
VP, U.S. Marketing Director: Yvonne Hsu
U.S. Marketing Director – Wellness: Oyin Enoch
U.S. Senior Brand Manager – Wellness: Kelly Doyle
Global Marketing and Innovation Manager: Jen Mitchell

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