Dictionary.com Democratizes Language on Its Platforms


In nitronet’s new weekly video series, Social Confidential, nitronet’s social media editors take a look behind the logo to find out who’s tweeting, posting and sharing from major brands. 

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For the latest episode, nitronet audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris spoke with Jeanne Sager, marketing manager of Dictionary.com, who develops smart, timely and often humorous content for the website’s social accounts, notably Twitter and Instagram.

One common misconception about the platform, Sager said, is that it tells people how to use words correctly and what words are correct, but its function is nearly the opposite. It records how words are used, which means documenting changes and word choices that pedants might call “wrong.” Doing so serves as a function of advancing representation.

“We are heavily invested in opening up language to everyone,” Sager said. “We see that English is an evolving language—and slang is just as valuable and valid.”

Watch below to learn the secrets to this account’s success.

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