The 31 Most Powerful Women in Sports: Monday’s First Things First


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The latest issue of nitronet is dedicated to the Most Powerful Women in Sports. The sports world has been upended in a year like no other, but that hasn’t stopped these champions from creating powerful innovations for fans and brands, both on and off the field. These 31 honorees—including Naomi Osaka (whom you can read more about in our cover story), NWSL commissioner Lisa Baird, MLS’ JoAnn Neale, Nascar’s Jill Gregory, the NHL’s Heidi Browning, MLB’s Barbara McHugh, WTA’s Micky Lawler, WWE’s Stephanie McMahon and NBA’s Kate Jhaveri—have changed the game, with many of them playing a key role in the groundbreaking “Real Heroes Project” that celebrated medical workers in May.

Meet them all: Plus, find a playlist of their favorite hype songs at the end of the list.

Also in the latest issue:

  • The sports world may be ensconced in uncertainty, but Christmas isn’t canceled, at least not for AMC, Freeform, Lifetime and Hallmark Channel. Get ready for multi-month marathons of holiday movies and TV shows.
  • Consumers are prepping for an unusual Thanksgiving, with 35% saying they plan to change their traditions to work around the pandemic, and even more saying they’re going to do their Black Friday shopping online.
  • Independent marketing consultants could change the way the industry operates. In this opinion piece, Kerry Perse explains how the flexibility and diverse experience of these indie operators can present a tactical advantage for brands and agencies.

Marketing chiefs from the most prominent sports leagues in the nation are assembling for the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit, starting today, where they’ll discuss how athletes and brands have been navigating the unpredictable 2020 landscape. In order to promote diversity and empower the next generation of marketing leaders, seven of these CMOs and execs are each sponsoring 10 students from prominent sports students, covering the cost for professionals.

Meet the participating mentors and learn where the students are from.

Hear from many of the Most Powerful Women in Sports this week at the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit, Nov. 16-19. Get your passes now.

An impending Biden presidency has industry leaders wondering what the future will hold for privacy regulations—among other legislation—and angling to influence them to their benefit. In the privacy space, industry leaders advocate for a single federal privacy law rather than the patchwork of individual state laws that could emerge in the wake of complicated and headache-inducing laws in California. A lobby for the national law has emerged via initiatives like Privacy for America, a coalition of trade organizations including the 4A’s, ANA, and IAB.

Explore the proposal: We talked to sources who explain their hopes for the proposal.

When Trump’s legal team (evidently) accidentally booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping instead of the Four Seasons hotel, it proved to be a major windfall and publicity opportunity for the lucky company, which many pointed out is located between an adult bookstore and a crematorium. The brand leaned in, releasing shirts, stickers and masks featuring slogans such as “Lawn and Order” and “Make America Rake Again”—and the items sold out within days.

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