Instagram Kicks Off Its ‘We Make Today’ Campaign


Instagram kicked off its “We Make Today” campaign Monday to put the spotlight on the diversity of its creators and its community.

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The campaign is a collaboration between Facebook Creative Experiences and Ogilvy, with Mindshare handling international media.

A hero spot on digital platforms across the U.S. marked the beginning of the campaign, along with digital out-of-home efforts in key markets and other paid support.

“This was an opportunity for us to tell our story, tell what we’re all about and what the future of Instagram is,” head of marketing Melissa Waters told nitronet. “An incredible cultural flywheel happens on Instagram every day, and we haven’t really owned that. This is all about our positioning: Instagram is where we push culture forward.”

Waters also explained the significance of each word in “We Make Today.”

“’We’ is about the community,” she said. “That’s Instagram’s magic: creators creating, consumers interacting. ‘Make’: Creativity thrives on Instagram; inspiration thrives on Instagram. And ‘Today’ is speaking to the fact that people tune in daily.”

On Instagram itself, over 130 creators will express themselves and interpret seven daily themes, one for each day of this week:

  • Monday, Nov. 16, Confidence: People who dare to show the world exactly who they are.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 17, Inspiration: Demonstrating the “ripple effect” of culture on the platform.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 18, Humor: Stepping away from all our worries and giving ourselves permission to laugh.
  • Thursday, Nov. 19, Unexpected: Like Explore, we want people to see something new, be mesmerized or be surprised.
  • Friday, Nov. 20, Belonging: About people who found a community that somehow changed their life.
  • Saturday, Nov. 21, Euphoria: See things that are beautiful, awe-inspiring and dreamy.
  • Sunday, Nov. 22, Change: A cross-section of people both representing and fighting for change on Instagram, from big to small.

Waters said Instagram is producing new spots every day through a process of collecting content at certain hours of the day, editing it quickly and releasing the final product.

Other creators can join in and provide their interpretations by using the #WeMakeToday hashtag.

Waters said Instagram didn’t want to produce something with actors, as it really wanted to focus on its creator community.

She added that, with the pandemic in mind, there were two different opportunities for creators to work with “a handful of folks” on limited on-set production in Los Angeles and New York, and production equipment was delivered to other creators so that they could handle efforts on their own.

Waters, who joined Instagram in June after serving as CMO at health, wellness and fitness startup Hims & Hers, concluded, “In getting to know users and creators, one of my big observations is that we are this beloved product across the globe, with 1 billion people using it daily. The script is an ode to them.”


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