This video is for anyone who is just starting a Youtube channel and small youtubers who are struggling to see growth in their channel and are not sure why. This is my personal story on why I was struggling as a small Youtuber. I hope you can learn from me and become a Youtube success.

Youtube is a great platform to use to express yourself creatively and professionally. In this day and age video content is king, so if you can figure out how to break into the Youtube marker though it is challenging and competitive, it will be worth overcoming th obstacles.

You have to treat Youtube like a business, especially if your goal is to make money and get sponsors at some point during your Youtube career. Youtube takes sometime to figure out and it is very competitive so be gentle with yourself guys.

We are competing with the Rock, PewdiePie and Kelly Stamps, so be prepared to step up your Youtube game if you want to be successful on this platform!

Mistake One: I did not niche down.

Mistake Two: I did not treat youtube like a business! Mistake

Three: I did not script my content!

Mistake 4: I looked a hot mess!

Mistake 5: I did not make awesome content!

If you have any more tips for how to grow your youtube channel or what you did wrong starting out please share in the comments and as always do not forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel.

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