3 weird trick to get 200 subscribers per day. | by Arunesh Kumar | Nov, 2020


Let me guess you want to know how to get over 200 subscribers on youtube every single day even if you’re a brand new creator and your channel now has zero subscribers.

Well, you’re in the right place because I’m about to share with you multiple methods that help me personally to get lots of subscribers in a really short period of time.

So how do you get 200 subscribers a day? First I will show you some actionable ways to gain some quick subs and then I will show you more long-term growth strategies that will help you grow your channel over time by using the power of SEO.


Let’s start with the first method of getting subscribers quickly this is going to involve leveraging some

of the free online tools like snip.ly

Snip.ly is an absolutely free cloud-based software that will allow you to add your own call to action to almost any website out there now of course they do have some paid plans as well but trust me you don’t need that I myself never invested any money in this tool but I’ve used it successfully for over a year.

now what I want you to do is I want you to come over to snip.ly then click on get started for free this nice-looking button over here and then just sign up either by entering your email address or by connecting some of your social media accounts which are of course a lot easier and faster because it requires just one

Click a button once you log in to your account this is what you will see

now right here where it says to enter a URL I want you to paste a link to one of your most successful videos the one that got the most use and the most engagement.

If your channel is brand new and you don’t have such a video then just paste the link to any of your youtube videos after that just hit create a snip that will take you to this page and I know all of this may look confusing to you but just stick with me and it will all make sense in a minute so now we’re adding your call to action for people to subscribe.

Here I want you to select a new call to action then type a brief message that will show up on your call to action.

A button that’s right here so whatever you type in it will change here what I like to do is I’d say subscribe for more it’s free when people see this free it immediately grabs their attention because guess what people love free stuff and then you can do the same thing with the actual button text now for the button URL you will need to create your sub confirmation

The link that means you need to design your custom link so when people click on it they are immediately subscribed to your

channel how do you do that well to do so you will need to go back to youtube go to your channel and right next to

your channel URL to your channel id I want you to type in question mark sub confirmation equals one now if you copy the entire link with this sub confirmation code each time someone clicks on it they will become your subscriber so go back to snip.ly with that entire URL and paste it right here where it says a button link

and then feel free to click snip and you are done

now whenever someone goes to that snip.ly link which you can copy right here they will be sent to your video with

your call to action if they click on it they are subscribed to your channel and you can basically add your own call to action to almost

any post on the internet or any other youtube video now you just need people clicking on your snip.ly link

So this will actually have some effect of course depending on your niche depending on the topic your channel is about and depending on your video category you can share it in different places one of the best ways to advertise for free is to join different forums in your niche so what you can do is you can go to find a forum.net

They will give you loads of different forums with millions of members which you can join and share your snip.ly link with obviously if your channel is about weight loss they will be more likely to subscribe to you because it’s proven that they’re interested in that specific niche so just find your category share your snip.ly link people go through your video they watch it they see this massive call

to action and if they click they’re subscribed you can also promote your snippety link on other social media places like Facebook Instagram Twitter or Reddit that was the first way you can promote and boost your channel for absolutely Free

If it still looks more confusing watch a video of the snip.ly tutorial all will be shorted.


Now for the second method, you will need to open 10 new youtube channels don’t worry it’s absolutely

free you will not have to post anything on them and it takes less than two minutes just go over to youtube go to settings

click on add or manage your channels and just click create a new channel then just enter some random name that can be

anything you prefer because no one will probably see it since we will not be posting anything on those youtube channels

Now I want you to do this 10 times and create 10 different such channels as soon as you do that go back to your main channel which you want to boost then search for big channels in your niche find ones that have over 100 000 subscribers then subscribe to those channels with notifications on and as soon as they publish the video you will get notified and in the first a few minutes of them publishing that video.

I want to leave a meaningful comment something that’s related to the video don’t just type niche but actually be creative and as soon as you leave your comment make sure to like it yes like your own comment then log into each of those 10 new youtube channels you created previously and then from each of those channels just leave alike to your own comment and what that will do is that will boost your comment in the first two minutes so more people will be willing to read it and like it and then all the other people they will see the video which can sometimes end up being millions of people

Most of them will see your comment as well now since your channel is in the same niche they will be more willing to check out your channel as well and hopefully subscribe this is a really really popular method that a lot of people started using recently including myself because it works really really well you’re getting free exposure just by leaving comments on other people’s youtube videos and in addition to all of that.


A third method you can use combined with previews 2 to get over 200 subscribers a day is to once again find as many big channels in your niche that are doing pretty well with their views and find their most popular videos or focus on their recent videos that are

doing well the reason you want to do this is that way you will know what works the best for your channel category

now you can make a similar video with a similar title similar description thumbnail and tags and you will have way bigger chances of growing faster

For SEO and ranking purposes always have two parts for your title first part should always be something

catchy that will make people click on your video and the second part of your title should always be a long-tail keyword that will boost your rankings which will get you more organic views over a long period of time.

For example, if your video is about weight loss first part of your title can be I lost 10 pounds in one week and the second part can be how to lose weight fast so by replicating other people’s successful videos and by optimizing your title tags and description properly you can grow your channel in no time.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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