5 Big Mistakes Every New Youtuber Does | by Bikash Burnwal | InkWater Atlas | Nov, 2020


Are you a new Youtuber?
Are your videos not getting views and subscribers?
Is your channel not getting monetized?

So, friends today I’m going to help you with the problems that every new Youtuber does. I will chalk down the list of issues each new Youtuber faces and will share solutions for that.

I hope you all have followed my channel Bikash Daily and you would have found that I was not able to upload many videos on my channel as I was going too busy with my work and health issues. During this period, I have checked a good number of Youtube channels who messaged, mailed and requested me to check out their channel and suggest why their videos are not getting views and subscribers?

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Through my research, I have noted down many issues amongst which five were the most significant ones, which I will like to drive your attention. Guys, I’m able to share these because I have worked on my channel for more than a year and after that my channel got monetized. I know exactly what mistakes I did due to which my channel didn’t get much views and subscribers. So, without wasting any time, I will like to take you to the journey.

  1. Be patient — Every new Youtuber came with a mindset of making money by just creating 4–5 videos and they think like after this, their videos will get a million views and their channel will get monetized. So, friends tell me, is it practically possible? No, it is not. If it was possible then people who are working hard on their channel for months and years would be the luckiest ones who can follow these tricks and can make tremendous money. Friends, I want to imply from this statement is that, if you want to have a decent career as a Youtuber, then you have to keep patience. Select a niche you want and simply make good videos. Keep publishing content on regular intervals so that you establish yourself in this industry.

Friends, if you feel boring reading this content then you should watch the above video. This video is in Hindi but I must say, it will help you understand the mistakes each Youtuber does. I have kept each point very descriptive with relevant examples that will help you understand the subject clearly.

If you have any queries then you can drop your questions in the comment box. I will try to answer them for you.

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