The YouTube Playbook. A new Medium publication for small and… | by Krystal Wascher | The YouTube Playbook | Nov, 2020


A new Medium publication for small and aspiring YouTubers.

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As a small YouTuber myself, I spend a lot of time researching ways to grow my YouTube channel.

Maybe you do too?

I’m particularly fascinated with creators like Jennelle Eliana, who has grown her channel to over 2.4 million subscribers in one year with just 28 videos!

Screenshot from Jennelle Eliana’s YouTube channel.

Or why some YouTubers, like myself, have CPM rates of $80+ while others only make a dollar or two per 1,000 views.

What causes these discrepancies?

That’s the question I want to answer.

While we cannot ignore that there is an element of luck involved with finding success on YouTube, I believe that there are formulas for succeeding at anything.

My intention with starting this publication is to highlight interesting stories, case studies, income reports, and lessons from YouTube creators at all levels that will help you uncover your own unique formula for success on the platform.

If you would like to share a story, case study, income report, or lesson that you have learned as a YouTuber (positive or negative) or by watching other YouTubers, leave a comment below, and I’ll add you as a writer.

I would love to highlight stories from YouTuber’s at every stage of their journey. Even if you are just getting started, your data and lessons are valuable.

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