TikTok Removes Videos From 2 Accounts for Election Misinformation


TikTok removed videos from two high-profile pro-Republican accounts for violating its policies on misleading information.

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Taylor Lorenz of The New York Times tweeted about the content Thursday afternoon, writing, “The Republican Hype House and The Republican Boys on TikTok are spreading dangerous misinformation claiming ‘election fraud’ when there’s no evidence of that. The accounts are currently promoting conspiracy theories to millions of young people on TikTok.”

TikTok communications responded to her tweet in roughly one hour, tweeting, “These videos have been removed for violating our policies on misleading information. Here’s more on our approach to maintaining the integrity of our platform,” and linking to its Safety Center.

Both accounts are still active on the platform. Republican Hype House has over 957,000 followers, while The Republican Boys has 153,000.

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