Twitter Outlines Steps for Tweets With Inaccurate or Premature Election Victory Claims


On the eve of Election Day, Twitter provided clarification on the steps it will take in the event of inaccurate or premature claims of victory shared via its platform.

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The steps the social network detailed Monday play off the details it released last month on how it intended to combat election-related misinformation.

Starting on election night Tuesday, Twitter said it may label tweets that make claims about election results before those elections are officially called, with a priority on the presidential election and other highly contested races.


The social network said tweets are eligible to be labeled if it meets one of these criteria:

  • The account has a U.S. 2020 candidate label, which includes presidential candidates and their campaigns.
  • The account is based in the U.S. and has over 100,000 followers.
  • The account has significant engagement, such as at least 25,000 likes or quote tweets and retweets.

Twitter said it will consider the result of an election to be official when it is announced by a state election official or when calls are made by at least two of the following national news outlets with dedicated, independent election decision desks: ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News and NBC News.

The social network said those news organizations’ official Twitter accounts will be exempted from election results labels, as will tweets that directly cite calls or projections from those news organizations.

When users attempt to retweet tweets that contain misleading information labels, they will see a prompt that directs them to credible information.


Finally, Twitter said, “If we see content inciting interference with the election, encouraging violent action or other physical harms, we may take additional measures, such as adding a warning or requiring the removal of tweets.”


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