How the UK is getting a head start on festive celebrations in 2020


2020 isn’t the year anyone expected and as it draws to a close, people’s behaviour and attitudes have also taken a shift compared to years past. From making family plans to Christmas shopping, Twitter Official Partner Brandwatch analysed people’s opinions and biggest concerns around the festive season in the UK.

Happy Christmas

People on Twitter have been wondering how the pandemic will affect Christmas since the beginning of the pandemic. Those asking for recommendations or giving gift suggestions are starting much earlier than in previous years. Brandwatch observed a substantial uptick in mentions on Twitter surrounding Christmas since March. Brands should start marketing their offerings much earlier than usual.

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Family matters

Many consumers are planning ahead to make the most of their budgets and have been talking on Twitter about how the pandemic will influence family time during the festive season. Brands should incorporate messaging that speaks to what people are experiencing and feeling right now, knowing many might be spending Christmas apart from one another, or even alone. 

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Local love

People are worried about the toll the pandemic is taking on businesses in their communities, leading to a greater interest in shopping locally. There has been a substantial jump in Twitter mentions of festive shopping through small, independent, and local businesses. The mentality is small business optimism in the face of uncertainty. 

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Early birds catch the deals

In-store health and safety is a key concern this holiday season. People on Twitter are talking about shopping early to avoid the crowds. Brands should rethink the timing of offers and be prepared to welcome customers earlier. Ongoing communication from brands surrounding safety precautions remains as a valuable step in reassuring customers. 

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In a year of unknowns, listening to what people on Twitter are saying can help guide brands through uncertain times. To learn more about Brandwatch, visit their partner profile. 

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