5 YouTube Ads Best Practices For Maximum ROI | by Advertongue | Oct, 2020


This tactic ties into storytelling. Implications are used by the best sales professionals to get prospects “over the fence.”

In other words, it´s your last chance to convince your viewers to take immediate action. Not tomorrow, next week, or a month from now, no… immediately!
So, how does it work in real life? Let me show you an example.

Imagine you´re 3/5 into your video ad when you say:

“…I can´t even think what would happen if I hadn´t made that change two years ago, I just didn´t want to get to the end of my life and regret it. Honestly, I feel like I couldn´t even live with myself!”

This is some powerful stuff! I´m giving you the goods here.

If you do it right, with emotions attached to your words, two things are gonna happen:

As you probably already know, humans beings will do anything to avoid pain.
Remember this all happens at a subconscious level, and pretty fast!

Once you get your viewers to start considering the implications of not taking action today, you´re more likely to have them take the exact action you want.
It could be a registration for a webinar, a PDF download, whatever!

Of course, this doesn´t guarantee all people will take action but the best prospects will.

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