My Top 10 Internet Affiliate on Youtube in 2020 | by Benjamin Poulter | Oct, 2020


Welcome, I have been int the internet marketing space for around 3 years now. Here I am going to tell you my Top 10 Internet Affiliate on Youtube in 2020.

These you tubers have helped me along my journey and still do to this day.

When you want to learn the rope in affiliate marketing, the best idea is to learn from somebody who has done it already.

So lets kick the count down off with TOP 10 Internet Affiliate On Youtube in 2020 –

From watching John Crestani videos there is no doubt he is doing well, with all the nice cars and with him throwing money around.

A bit of a show off some might say. If you got it β€” Why not show it! 😁

In has videos he is extremely energetic and likes to make sure he gets his point across.


Anthony Morrison is one of the internet entrepreneurs who have used clickfunnels to power there successful business online.

Another successful affiliate marketer with a garage full of super cars and a luxury home that you often see in the videos.

When watching Anthony he has had experience in amazon fba also, and does help you condition your mindset to becoming an entrepreneur.


Jacob scaled an affiliate marketing business from nothing to 6 figures within 18 months.

His channel is full of useful tip on building your very own affiliate marketing business online with proven strategies he uses himself.

Being one of the entrepreneurs who have won the dream car award from click funnels, Jacob has built his very own high ticket affiliate program with a team of other entrepreneurs.


The owner of Caffeinated Blogger is Greg Kononenko, He also runs another channel in another niche.

I have learnt some great tips on how to generate traffic using specific programs he recommends on his channel.

No only does he explain to you how it all works with proven stats, Greg will give you a few option of paid and free to implement what he teaches.


Halfway through the Top 10 Internet Affiliate on Youtube in 2020 we have Nate.

Nate concentrates on entrenerpership, personal finance and investing.

His videos are very in depth and quality detail on how to program yourself to a road to success.

With personal experiences on what he does and has learnt in life.


If your looking to find out how to fill your blog with keywords and optimise SEO on your website, Neil Patel is your man.

I hear Neil Patel being recommended all the time, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t pay all these people β€” so it just goes to show his reputation online is pretty good.

Neil has mastered many diffrent skills on marketing, even down to the actions he does when on camera.


The king of funnels himself β€” Russell Brunson is full of great advice on internet marketing.

Not only has Russell proven he knows what he is talking about with building the Clickfunnels software from the ground up, watching Russells videos can motivate you and give you fresh ideas for your own business.

Russell has the best funnel challenges there is online where himself and his team hold your hand in the one funnel away challenge.


This channel is the most recent of them all, hosted by James P Friel and Dean Holland, not only do you get to learn great tips β€” they are pretty funny too.

Dean also has his own high ticket affiliate program called internet profits which is very successful.

His program can take a complete newbie to affiliate marketing to a online business owner with the training detailed within the internet profits hub.


Liam is an inspiration to us all, he started with nothing (not even an idea) and set upon a mission to become a millionaire.

I do believe that he actually did it too, became a millionaire before the age of 30!

With every lesson liam learnt he made a video to help others do the same, recommending affiliate networks and tools he uses along the way.


Franklin is one of the very first entrenerperners i began to follow online.

If its online then Franklin has done it, from dropshipping to affiliate marketing to facebook ads………………..

There are plenty of videos on his channel to prove it too.

Franklin has a selection of courses online for diffrent ways of making money online.


Been around on youtube since 21st Aug 2012
Video views 17,194,956
Subscribers 345k

So there we have it! Top 10 Internet Affiliate on Youtube in 2020,

They are in no specific order, These are all the people who have influenced me on my affiliate marketing journey.

And let me to create a hybrid of them all –

Benjamin Poulter has been watching all of the above for over 3 years. Learning and taking in all the knowledge they all have to teach.

To bring it all together on his very own channel.


Been around on you tube since 14th June 2019
Video views 531
Subscribers 12

As you may be aware that the hybrid channel is inn need of some work to get it to a position of its competitors.

This is where you come in⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓


So that concludes the Top 10 Internet Affiliate on Youtube in 2020 who have helped me and continue to help me through my affiliate marketing journey.

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