Dior Lets Snapchatters Virtually Try On Its New B27 Sneaker


Luxury brand Dior introduced its new B27 sneaker Friday via an exclusive augmented reality experience on Snapchat that enabled users to virtually try on and purchase the product.

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Snapchatters who access the lens can “try on” six different pairs of Dior sneakers via AR to see how they look wearing them, and they can also purchase the items via the brand’s Snapchat profile or website.

Dior/Snap Inc.
Dior/Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. said Dior is one of its premier luxury AR partners, and the two companies teamed up on a similar initiative last year to back the capsule collection Dior created with luxury luggage brand Rimowa.

Snap head of luxury Geoffrey Perez said in a statement, “Dior is an incredibly innovative partner. It is one of the very first Maisons to have embraced the utility of AR while entertaining its customers. The acceleration of digitalization has changed the way people consume and interact with products, and Dior has fully and rapidly adapted to the new normal. AR and try-on are shaping the user experience and the future of social commerce.”

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