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Marquise Edwards

Now I’m sure you’ve probably heard of youtube censorship,ad revenue being cut short etc.But no one wants to look at the bright side of youtube yeah youtube 3 years ago isn’t the same.But sadly that’s just how life is.

Many new youtubers nowadays espeically right now 2020.Many of them want the rich & fame so fast.But what happened to working for what you want and you’ll get what you earned huh?Exactly youtube users come to youtube for mainly one reason and one reason only.That reason is because it’s youtube.It’s the biggest video sharing website in the entire world over 2 billion users montly not yearly monthly.

But my rant on the real problem with youtube is it isn’t getting the shine it used to get.Youtube is amazing,a great place to tell your story,build a brand,show the world who you are and the content you create.Many Youtube users/Youtubers new to realize that youtube still has it’s cande lit from the day it was created till now.And it doesn’t seem to be going out anytime soon!

In conclusion don’t think that just because youtube was created almost about a decade ago that it still doesn’t has the shine it used to.It’s even better now than before,so what are you waiting for? Get To Creating & Get To Sharing because Youtube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!!!

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