Facebook Begins Rolling Out Most Recent, Favorites Options for News Feed


Over the years, Facebook has consistently tested different ways for users to experience its News Feed, and two of those options became a reality Wednesday.

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Facebook technology communications manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Alexandru Voica said in a tweet that Most Recent and Favorites are being rolled out globally on Android and iOS.

Most Recent provides the same content users would normally see in their News Feed, but in reverse chronological order, bringing them the newest post first.

Favorites enables people to designate up to 30 friends and pages to include, and posts from them will appear higher in News Feed and be highlighted with a badge.

Tapping Favorites at the top of News Feed will give users the option of seeing content only from the people and pages they have chosen.

Voica tweeted, “We’ll keep investing in easy-to-use and accessible controls that address the feedback we hear from our community. We want to make sure that people have the tools available to both create the experience they want and access the information they need across Facebook.”

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