“The New Wild West of Online Advertising” | by Csaba Borzasi | Oct, 2020


How to *Ethically Hijack* Your Competitors Traffic & Get Hyper-Targeted Leads on a Budget with This Untapped Tool

Today I want to show you a lesser-known but extremely powerful method for generating hyper-targeted, high-quality leads on a budget…

…even if you’re currently struggling with consistent lead generation.

In fact, this cool method is so effective, some people are even calling it “The New Wild West of Online Advertising”


Because if you know how to properly use it you’ll get access to one of the HOTTEST advertising platforms out there that isn’t just underpriced…

…It’s also jam-packed with top-notch-quality leads who are actively looking for solutions to all kinds of problems.

Leads that are in a heightened buying mode, and ready to drop fat stacks of cash at your doorstep if you can help them.

So what’s this hot new method?

Now, you might be wondering…

“What’s so special in YouTube ads?… I usually skip them automatically whenever they come up”.

True, and I must confess, I usually do the same in 80% of cases.

BUT here’s the cool part…

YouTube advertising has something really special that NO other advertising platform offers:

It allows you to create specific video ads that are charged exclusively after 30-sec TRUE views.

In other words?

With YouTube Ads, you have the power to get in front of people for a FULL 30 seconds before paying anything!

Say whaaaaaaaaat?

It’s true.

If they only watch 29 seconds of your video ad, you don’t pay.

If they click the “Skip ad” button after it becomes available, you don’t pay.

And if they watch part of your video and decide to skip it after 20 seconds, you still don’t pay!

You ONLY pay when they click your landing page link OR watch more than 30 seconds of your video.

That’s crazy!

Not only that but unlike Facebook, people on YouTube have a “Learners” mindset.

(and NOT a “let’s watch cat videos” mindset)

They’re actively searching for a solution to an immediate problem — and according to some studies — spend an average of 40 minutes per session on the platform uninterrupted.

No other advertising platform even comes close to this.

And yet…

How many people do you know who are actively using YouTube ads to reliably generate new leads and grow their business?

I’d say not that many…

Not only that but people regularly ask me questions like:

  • “I have no idea where to start — how do I get started with Youtube ads?”
  • “What offers are great for youtube ads (and which are NOT great offers to promote via youtube?)”
  • “What kind of videos can I use for my Youtube ads?”
  • “Can I use existing video content as an ad?”
  • “How long should these videos be?”
  • “What do I measure to find out if the ad is “working”?”
  • “What DOESN’T work well in terms of youtube ad content?”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

From what I’ve seen, most business owners are terrified of giving YouTube ads a try…

(As if it was a monster ready to swallow their entire annual marketing budget!)

Am I surprised?

Not really.

YouTube advertising is a niche topic that isn’t talked about in most marketing circles…

Which is both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

It’s a blessing because you have WAY less competition than with Facebook/Instagram ads.

But it’s also a curse because there aren’t really that many YouTube Ads tutorials out there.

(And even fewer quality tutorials that actually know what they’re doing).

So if you’re considering YouTube advertising but you have no idea what to say in those video ads, here are 3 quick tips to get you started.

It’s true.

Even though you’re running an ad, you should teach people something extremely valuable that helps them solve their burning problem.

Remember, the reason why they’re watching your video ad in the first place is that they searched for a solution to a problem, chose a top-ranking video from the results, and got served your ad.

When YOUR video starts, they’re still in the same mindset.

So why not grab their attention and give them something useful in a few minutes?

They’ll definitely appreciate it, and if you do a good enough job, they’ll be hungry for more — and they’ll want a taste of your lead magnet.


Remember, with an in-stream ad, you only pay once someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video OR clicks your call to action button.

Otherwise, you get impressions for free 🙂

The result?

You can be as polarizing as you want and call out your EXACT ideal prospect without worrying about ad costs.

In fact, think of the “Skip ad” button as your new best friend.

You actively WANT people who are a bad fit to click it because then you don’t have to pay anything…

And you can also make sure that the people who continue watching your video are much more qualified viewers.

Plus, this way you can deliver a personal message MUCH more easily because you don’t have to cater to everyone… only to your REAL ideal prospect.

As mentioned in the previous tip, you want to repel people who are a bad fit, and attract ideal prospects who are a good fit.

As a result, you have much more leeway to really open up emotionally in front of your perfect audience, without worrying about “turning off” certain people.

If they get “turned off”, no problem. They go their separate ways and you don’t pay a dime.

But those who remain will build an instant emotional connection with you…

Especially if you take the time to resonate with their pains, fears, hopes, and dreams.

It’s totally fine to spend up to 30–40% of your script talking about the same problem they’re having because that’s what makes you relatable and relevant.

And that’s what also makes you stand out from all the other companies who are trying to make a quick buck.

No worries, you won’t have to.

Sure, people need to clearly hear your voice and see your face in these videos, but if you have a smartphone with a camera, you’ll do just fine.

In fact, remember Tai Lopez who took the entire internet by storm a few years ago with his “Here in my garage” ads?

(and built a multi-8 figure business as a result!)

Well, guess how “pro” his videos were?

They were all super low-key, talking-straight-to-camera videos shot on an iPhone…

Joint pain protein → https://youtu.be/icTOWFBaWC8 (super simple, no effects, just a script — 6.8M views) 1.27 min

No-show sock → https://youtu.be/qWDda19eUuE (shot in a room, bad lighting and audio, just a demonstration, 1.4M views) 1:35 min

How to start a small business → https://youtu.be/y0bOGDwBU3Q (shot in front of a whiteboard, terrible audio, just a simple list of tips, 61M views!!!!) 3:28 min

Auto insurance → https://youtu.be/VDR3VVWSIeU (shot on street, more professional, some effects — 6.1M views) 35 secs

Knot tool → https://youtu.be/IZb4Ruxgyh8 (super low-quality video, just a demonstration, not even a script — 4.2M views ) 57 secs

Make money online → https://youtu.be/a7gkpSit-_g (shot in a garage, medium audio, just a script, 2.8M views ) 5:12 min

Amazon FBA → https://youtu.be/S1HVjJZPt-Q (shot outdoors, no perfect sound, no effects — 6.8M views) 2:43 min

Mentorbox → https://youtu.be/ME7Zt5pCAJs (shot in a living room, just a simple script, 2.8M views) 0:54 min

Piano → https://youtu.be/wmNb_MGyaZQ (super simple, shot on an iphone, no fancy effects — 113k views) 1:07 min

Solar power → https://youtu.be/UEgzg_DIDzY (shot in the back of a house, bad audio, simple script, geo-targeted, 1.4M views, while the channel itself has 1 subscriber!) 29 seconds

See, it’s not that complicated 🙂

You just need a simple camera, a good-enough microphone, and a solid message.

That’s it.

So to give you a helping hand in making sure that your message KICKS ASS…

I recently created a brand-new FREE mini-course called “From 0 to YouTube Ads HERO”.

…The simple 4-step YouTube Ad formula that anyone can use to *ethically hijack* their competitor’s Youtube traffic and get hyper-targeted leads fast — even if they’re terrified of video or can barely write their own grocery list.

In just 5 easy lessons, you’ll learn how to come up with a solid YouTube ad script that converts and gets you high-quality leads on autopilot.

Plus, this mini-course also comes with a handy YouTube Ads Quickstart Guide checklist, full of useful tips, tricks, and strategies to help you launch your first ad quickly — even if you’ve never done this before.

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