Instagram Enables Businesses and Creators to Set Age Gates for Each Branded Content Post


Creators and business accounts on Instagram now have access to new audience safety tool that enable them to set a minimum age for who can see their branded content posts on feed.

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The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network began permitting those accounts to set up age gates directly via the Instagram application last December, but Monday’s update enables them to choose whether to limit each post, rather than placing the age gate over the entire account.

Account holders can choose to set a default minimum age, set a minimum age for specific countries, or create a combination of both options.

Instagram also issued reminders that any products or services promoted via its platform must comply with its policies on restricted and prohibited content, which mandate that content promoting offerings such as alcohol or dating applications be limited to people over a certain age.

The company added that applicable laws and regulations that may impose age restrictions must also be complied with.

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