How to follow through on content strategy delivery | by Tea and Toast | Oct, 2020


This blog post is all about my reflections on YouTube and the commitment we need when strategising and delivering digital marketing plans.

YouTube is the second most visited search engine. I would love to tell you that Google is not the first one but it is being both parts of the same company, the alphabet group, it makes sense to adhere to Google Analytics SEO. Things like Hummingbird, and also YouTube trends.

All in all, having to create a reasonable amount of content on YouTube is actually really, really difficult. I didn’t think it would be easy but I thought I would be smart enough to find a way forward. I found myself in a position where I was recording a video and I drew a blank. I just paused froze up and thought to myself that this might be the wrong thing to do. It’s at this moment that lots of other people might have experienced the same thing, and retreated away and given up on their start to YouTube started.

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