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We’ve long suspected that Google was secretly testing out a shopping service for Google Assistant and Google Express.

The Google has been testing an entirely new shopping experience on YouTube. This service, has been tested with fashion retailers such as Bonobos, Adidas, and Old Navy, to find out if fashion videos on YouTube could appeal to the shoppers who would buy products directly from YouTube.

We have seen a long list of shopping integration options for Google Assistant and Google Express over the past year, and the push into video shopping feels like the next step. It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. For one, Google’s shopping features can already be used to purchase products directly from Google Express. This new shopping service would add another layer of convenience that could potentially convince consumers to make an extra click and buy the product directly from YouTube.

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We’ve also seen that online shopping videos could be an effective way to drive sales. While shoppers are more likely to spend money on a TV or newspaper ad, a video may be even more effective.

Google Shopping could also help drive traffic to YouTube. YouTube already has millions of daily users, and it’s a great way for brands to showcase products and test new campaigns. YouTube also has a large amount of content that could be used as an ad-supported shop, and brands could use YouTube’s new Shopping service to easily add a small video to their YouTube channels or stream on social channels.

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YouTube’s shopping service could also be a good way to increase traffic to YouTube. Brands can choose to insert a small shopping experience within the video, and Google could potentially reward them with promoted videos and native placements in search results and the YouTube home page.

All of this could have significant implications for YouTube. For one, it could use shopping videos to drive traffic to other sections of YouTube, like the video stars’ and videos sections. Brands could also promote their entire site on YouTube.

If Google continues to build Shopping into Google Assistant and Google Express, it could turn YouTube into a comprehensive shopping destination that rivals Amazon.

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