2 Hacks to Keep People Curious to Watch Your Next Youtube Video | by Shajedul Karim | ILLUMINATION | Oct, 2020


In the entertainment business, keeping your customers hooked is the key

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Ugh! It sucks!

Yesterday you were almost going trending on YouTube and today, you have just 5 views, that too of your team and family members.

This sucks. It’s draining the energy out of you.

This latest video is far better than the last video (we improve every day, right?) yet no views.

You’re wondering what went wrong.

You’re tensed your dream of becoming a YouTuber will fade.

You’re afraid you’ll lose your job.

Not getting views means no subscribers and so no growth, resulting in your passion to die.

However, a few simple tricks go a long way.

While it’s mandatory to add value to your customers and keep serving them frequently, it’s way more important to work on keeping them hooked for you. Without doing that? You lose your current customer and even potential customers.

In YouTube, keeping your customer hooked is the key. It’s about curiosity. Because curiosity drives traffic. What if you don’t make them curious? People aren’t excited to see your work. They don’t know who you are. Maybe you become unknown to them after a few days.

While running a YouTube channel (250k+ Subscribers) of our founder at Programming Hero and our company (20k+ Subscribers), I figured some hacks that ensures curious people to your video.

I share with you the hack today.

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