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Coors Seltzer Allows You to Do Good as You Drink, Differentiating Itself in a Busy Category

A heavily tongue-in-cheek campaign for Coors Seltzer shows drinkers dramatically explaining the gravity of their great “sacrifice”—that is, to kick back and enjoy a seltzer. What makes the drunken deed so honorable is that it helps the environment: The brand is partnering with nonprofit Change the Course to help clean up rivers. Coors Seltzer is also searching for more “volunteers” to drink the 175,000 12-packs it’s giving away, each of which will restore 500 gallons of river water.

Watch: “Giving this much hurts,” says one woman in a hammock. “But it’s a small price to pay.”

How President Trump’s Covid-19 Diagnosis Will Shape Campaign Messaging as Election Day Nears

Trump has returned to the White House, meaning that the candidates’ marketing is ready to resume for the home stretch of the election—but his Covid-19 diagnosis represents a shift in its course. As the most crucial brands of 2020, the presidential campaigns are navigating the same sort of upheaval as every other brand: knowing when to pause, how to deal with shifting news and health updates and more. Both Trump and Biden’s spends already roller-coastered in response to the diagnosis, and more changes may come.

How things will change: Biden’s campaign has been pushing generally on getting out the vote, but experts say he needs to be more specific.

More in election news and marketing:

  • Facebook will temporarily halt all U.S. political ads on its platform after the polls close on Election Night in America. The stoppage is expected to last a week, but the company hasn’t committed to an exact timeline.
  • The “Vote for Them” campaign from GSP for the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation leverages classic campaign signage designs featuring police brutality victims’ names to reminds people that it’s not just a vote for a candidate.
  • After last night’s vice presidential debate ends, Starz made a political statement in its first-ever debate ad, which will promote The Spanish Princess with a charged message aimed at viewers: “Fight Like a Woman.”
  • This political ad combines both the majesty and the scavenger nature of the bald eagle in a way that will straight up break your heart. 
  • Want to live under a rock until the election is over? Hotels.com has the place for you.

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How Ad Tech Might Work in a Post-Cookie World

The countdown to cookie-pocalypse has begun, and the existential dread has set in. But what will this new landscape look like? The Google Chrome browser team’s Privacy Sandbox proposed the use of aggregated data to gauge ad performance based on APIs, such as Trust Tokens, Click Through Measurement, Federated Cohort Learning and Private Interest Groups, Including Noise (PIGIN), the last of which is a means for advertisers to track interest groups. 

Inside the issues: Both antitrust and privacy concerns over Privacy Sandbox’s PIGIN proposal remain in the air, and the solutions are… also avian.

  • Also in ad tech: IBM is adding three new tools to its spate of ad product releases this year as it continues to build out a suite of AI-powered targeting offerings that don’t rely on cookies or trackers. 

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