What Direct Mail Slump? PostcardMania Saw a 26% Earnings Boost in Q3


The rise of digital marketing has contributed to direct marketing’s bumpy volume and growth in the past decade. But as marketers stress that integrating direct mail can improve a campaign’s overall performance, especially with more Americans staying home due to the pandemic, firm PostcardMania has seen record earnings in 2020.

The Clearwater, Fla.-based postcard printing and direct mail firm, which serves more than 93,900 small business clients, reported a 26% earnings growth in Q3 of this year. The firm earned $16.75 million in Q3, which is $3.4 million quarter-over-quarter and an all-time quarterly high for the 22-year-old company.

The firm also bounced back from a pandemic-induced decline in March and April, where weekly revenue dropped 41% and Q2 saw $13.3 million in total revenue.

PostcardMania founder and CEO Joy Gendusa said “flanking all of our direct mail campaigns with online ads,” along with educating clients with webinars and newsletters, has contributed to her firm’s past and recent success. In response to Covid-19 specifically, she said she refused to cut her team’s marketing budget.

Many of PostcardMania’s clients continued to send mail to consumers throughout the pandemic, which ultimately paid off. The firm reports that a dental client, which continued mailing to prospective customers despite mandatory closures, has seen new patient numbers up 41% year-over-year from March to September.

“Small business owners, my clientele, are very resilient people,” Gendusa said. “I knew they’d be figuring out how to get numbers up after [Covid-19 hit].”

Earlier this year, PostcardMania launched an API, ecommerce and integrations division to offer trigger-based direct mail to marketers and business owners interested in adding physical elements, such as postcards, to their customer experience. The firm has since entered partnerships with SaaS companies that specialize in customer relationship management and mar-tech.

As a best practice, Gendusa said direct mail marketers need to keep in mind that anyone who receives a direct mail piece will most likely be interested in checking out the company online—and brands need to make sure they have a user-friendly website that complements their direct marketing.

“You have to have a good landing page that continues the communication and direct mail piece starts,” she said. “Don’t make consumers hunt around for anything on your website. It’s super important that it’s set up in a specific way.”

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