How to make money on youtube without making videos | by Wessam S. | Oct, 2020


Actually, for many people, It is very difficult to produce videos on Youtube, to monetize and This might be for many reasons like tools, or skills.

The Other problem that you need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views.

But what if I told that you could start monetizing the youtube within a few weeks without making videos.

I will list here is a guide that you can start doing today.

Recognize the type of videos that you like and most watching on Youtube, so that you are going to find your way.
Many channels are not using their own Videos. they use creative common videos and reupload them to monetize their channels by using ads and affiliate links.

Identify your niche and start searching for creative common videos that relative to your niche and sort them by count view.
(Creative Commons videos that you can use if you doing some edits)

After finding the video and When you finish the editing, add a thumbnail, and use the keywords that you used for your search.

for fast results, you should upload daily at least one or two videos for a month.

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