New Campaign Urges People to Slow Down for Breakfast, Instead of Diving Right Into the Day


How many of us are guilty of rolling over and checking our emails and social feeds as soon as the alarm wakes us up? In an ever-demanding world, where many of us are balancing working from home with other responsibilities such as childcare and homeschooling, it can feel that everyone, all the time, wants a piece of you.

In these worrying times, this pull of distractions can feel more overwhelming than ever––especially with a dizzying stream of constant news alerts to keep up with.

But we might not be doing ourselves any favors by launching into the day in such a chaotic, full-throttle way. A new ad campaign by Deutsch L.A. called “The Day Can Wait” celebrates the benefits of breakfast, with Real California Milk encouraging consumers to slow down and take a break, first thing.

The TV, digital and social campaign, which launches today, features two ads that center on the digital distractions we all face by reimagining them as physical icons that follow us around. It shows family members, hazy from a night’s sleep, batting the icons away as they reach for the fridge (and for Real California Milk products, of course) before sitting down to eat breakfast together.

One film is titled “Emails” and the other “Video Conference.”

Deutsch L.A. said the campaign is rooted in a resurgence in people eating breakfast, prompted by the fact that we’re all spending more time at home and not eating on the go. The agency said the work is designed to have a calming, almost ASMR-like element to it. The ads’ households enjoy a moment of calm after sitting down to breakfast and silencing various notifications, phone calls and app alerts.

The campaign aims to show that enjoying breakfast with family and friends is worth the time it takes to lift your mood before the rush of daily life begins, the shop added.

CEO: John Talbot
VP, Advertising: Michael Freeman
Director of Communications: Jennifer Giambroni
SVP, Creative Director: Trevor Kuhn
Creative Director: Travis Swingler
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