The Rest of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Agencies


The growth is impressive, and the stories of how they got there are all unique and compelling. See what it took for the rest of nitronet’s Fastest Growing honorees to make the list and keep moving their agencies—and the industry—forward. Here are the rest of the fastest growing agencies by percent change in revenue. (Number in parentheses represents overall ranking.)

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Saltwater Collective (21)

  • HQ: Portsmouth, N.H.
  • Growth: 352%
  • Select Clients: Dana-Farber, Mercury Systems, Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Classification: Full-Service

Saltwater Collective’s growth has been driven by the acquisition of Swell Media, which expanded the agency’s business. “Since the merger, we have expanded many of the media planning/buying relationships into multiservice engagements, while also growing our existing Saltwater client spend,” says Laura Boggs, new business development director.

Marketing Doctor (29)

  • HQ: Northampton, Mass.
  • Growth: 250%
  • Select Clients: Allergan, Friendly’s, U.S. Army
  • Classification: Media

At its core, Marketing Doctor is a media planning and buying agency with one clear mission: apply its specialized knowledge of how media is sold to plan, negotiate and secure better rates and bonus weight on behalf of its clients. The agency continues to grow despite the downturn in the economy.

Advoc8 (34)

  • HQ: Washington, D.C.
  • Growth: 208%
  • Select Clients: CNN, Google, YouTube
  • Classification: Experiential

A top 10 nitronet Fastest Growing Agency in 2019, Advoc8’s growth has come from an increase in new clients and expanding existing partners’ projects. But it’s the shop’s commitment to pushing its clients to think bigger, while thinking more strategically, that has proven to be of greatest value.

GeistM (42 tie)

  • HQ: New York
  • Growth: 162%
  • Select Clients: Hint, PayPal, P&G
  • Classification: Full-Service

A performance marketing and technology platform, GeistM places a focus on high-value customers and works toward a clear win-win, with media and fees backed out of target KPIs. This formula, with an eye toward lifetime value, has helped the agency grow.

Create Media (44)

  • HQ: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Growth: 161%
  • Select Clients: Audi, Dubai Tourism, Nespresso
  • Classification: Digital

Create Media has grown into a leading digital communications agency across the UAE and Saudi Arabia. “We are agile and able to deliver at scale across verticals which have made us an ideal partner for government and multinational brands across the Middle East,” says Tom Otton, managing partner.

Transmission (46)

  • HQ: London
  • Growth: 160%
  • Select Clients: Dropbox, HP, Verizon
  • Classification: Full-Service

Transmission is a global, data-driven b-to-b marketing agency. With offices in San Francisco, London, Munich, Singapore, Delhi and Sydney, the shop’s success is driven by its organic growth and global footprint while serving local needs.

Refinery89 (47 tie)

  • HQ: Amsterdam
  • Growth: 158%
  • Select Clients: Asus, Disney, Netflix
  • Classification: Digital

A digital agency and ad-tech provider, Refinery89 operates a publisher trading desk from offices in Amsterdam and Madrid. With service and transparency at its core, the shop jumps on new, emerging tech with an eye toward unburdening publishers from complicated header bidding integrations.

Madwell (49)

  • HQ: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Growth: 156%
  • Select Clients: Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon
  • Classification: Full-Service

For Madwell, “integrated” is more than just a buzzword; it’s a daily practice. The agency remains driven by its founding philosophy: Change is the only constant. Its biggest growth drivers have been relationships with companies in the Johnson & Johnson, Danone and Verizon brand families as well as positive word of mouth.

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