How to customize Youtube channel | Youtube Channel Setup | by Venkatakarthik Macharla | Sep, 2020


In this post, let’s see how to customize your youtube channel using YouTube’s new tool called “customization”. This tool is best for youtube channel setup. This Tool is fairly new, so not all channel can have access to this tool/option.

If you are one of those creators, who have no access to this tool? then you may need to wait

This option/tool will soon be released for all creators

Not so long ago, if you were to change your channel banner or channel icon.

we need to go to google plus page for our channel to change it.

Similarly, if we want to change the about section we should use customize channel option. Now you could do all these and much more using one tool and a single page.

  1. Open your youtube studio dashboard
  2. Click on “Customization” in the sidebar

In this new tool there are 3 tabs (as shown in Below image)

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